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    Chapter 1

    I had been venturing inside a very dark cave for two days and I was running low on water and Pokémon food for my team. I used my last potion on Beast during our previous battle against a particularly brutal Onix. I would die a little inside if anyone on my team were to faint because of my lack of directional skills. Feeling the guilty nausea set in, I decided to let my team out of their pokéballs for a little pep talk.

    “Come on out Beast!”

    In a whirl of flames my hardheaded Charmeleon joined me in the damp cavern.

    There was something different about Beast. Along with being a very mischievous Pokémon, he was a slightly different color than most Charmeleon. Charmeleon are usually a dark reddish orange, but Beast was a light golden color. He was this same color when I first picked my Charmander for a starter Pokémon back in Cherrygrove city. Charmander wouldn’t have been my first choice for my starter, but his odd coloring just drew me in. I knew there was something special about Beast and I wanted to find out what his odd coloring meant. Professor Elm claimed that he did not know what caused this odd coloring, but would get his research team to investigate.

    As soon as he was out of, what I can only assume is very cramped, pokéball he stretched his legs and slowly walked over to me with a smirk spread across his mischievous face.

    “I know, I know. You were right all along, Beast. I should have picked up more potions in Cherrygrove City, but I’m trying my best to get us out of here. There are just so many caverns and trainers in here; I’m starting to get a little turned around. Would you and Violet like to help me get out of here?”

    I watched as Beast raised his brow in confusion, wondering why he could not do this job on his own.

    “I know you could do it, but you just fought really hard against that Onix and Violet has had plenty of time to rest since her last battle. We will all do it together, alright, buddy?”

    I chuckled to myself as Beast spit a small flame and yet again flashed a sly little smirk my way. Taking that as my signal to let Violet out of her pokéball, I reached to my belt.

    “Violet, can you help us out here? I think we should just trace our steps back out the way we came.”

    I heard a loud hoot as Violet came twirling out of her pokéball, as she loved to do. Ever since I caught her on Route 29, she was a very playful, loving Hoothoot and was very willing to join Beast and I on our journey. As the sound of her happy hooting reached my hears, it was quickly replaced by painful screeching. In horror I watched as Beast decided to torch Violet with a spiteful ember attack.

    “Beast! What do you think you’re doing!?” I shouted as I ran to Violet’s aide.

    Beast simply snickered to himself and started to slowly walk away, towards what he assumed was the entrance to the cave. Leaning over violet, holding her in my arms, I explained to her that Beast was simply joking around and has yet to realize that he is actually hurting her. With a weak little hoot she returned back to her pokéball.

    Running to catch up to Beast, I stopped him in his tracks to try to explain to him why what he just did was wrong. After a very long lecture of how Violet was now apart of our team and that he needs to respect his teammates, and myself for that matter, he slowly bowed his head and snorted a small puff of smoke that I took as an apology.

    “Just don’t do it again. Violet is your friend and just wants to help us out. Now let’s get out of here and let her rest. Once we’re out of this cave I think we should head straight to Violet City to heal up at the Pokémon Center.” I then took out two repels and sprayed down myself and Beast.

    I am sorry if this is in the wrong spot, I am new here. I appreciate any and all feedback!
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