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    Chapter 2

    “Melly? Your Pokémon are just fine now! They sure had a rough time in that cave though, didn’t they?” I heard Nurse Joy calling me as she appeared from the back room of the Pokémon Center. Standing up, I walked over to collect my pokéballs.

    “Haha. Yea, they sure did. I’ll make sure to take more potions with me next time.” I nervously laughed and took my pokéballs from Joy. I then hurriedly turned my back to her and proceeded out of the door.

    Once on my own again, I let Beast out of his pokéball to walk along side me. As soon as the ball left my hand, flames burst out, surrounding Beast in a fiery inferno as he snarled and snorted a happy hello.

    “Well someone’s certainly feeling better,” I laughed to myself. It had been a while since I had seen Beast so lively and full of energy. I could tell he was just raring to battle, and I was determined to give him what he wanted. I took out my Pokédex to see what exactly there was to do in Violet City.

    “Hey Beast! It says that the first gym is here in Violet City. What do you say? Think we can take Faulkner?”

    Beast raised his head and spit a large flame into the air, flexing his muscles as he did so. He was just itching to battle.

    “Well, Faulkner specializes in flying-type Pokémon which are weak to electric-types, so I think we should try and find one of those around here before we go and challenge him.”

    To my surprise, Beast simply nodded, turned, and headed towards Route 32. Entering the tall grass, we kept our eyes peeled for any Pokémon that may prove useful in our quest to beat Faulkner. Beast quickly burned through all of the Rattata and Bellsprout in the area, and I was beginning to wonder if there even was any electric-types to be had in this area. We were about to give up hope when we saw what looked to be like a small jolt of lighting in the sky to our far right. Looking up to the sky, I didn’t see a raincloud in sight so I was slightly confused. I could tell that Beast shared my confusion as he bolted towards the lighting only after giving me a very strange look. I could tell he was very eager to find out what the source of this strange phenomenon was.

    Following Beast through the thick brush proved to be difficult, but I managed to keep up somehow and almost tripped over him when he came to a sudden stop. There in front of us stood a Mareep, the electric wool Pokémon.

    “Finally! OK, Beast, are you ready? I think you need to take care of this, since I don’t think Violet would fair too well against him.” I said to my partner as he stepped even closer to the wild Mareep. I could see every muscle on his small yet stalky body flexing and twitching, just aching to start the battle.

    “Alright, Beast, scratch attack!” I shouted. I watched as Beast leapt toward the unsuspecting Mareep and caught it off guard with a wicked scratch straight to the face. The Mareep wailed in pain and tried to run away, its vision impaired due to the scratches on its face. “Hurry and use ember before it gets away!” I shout one more time. Before I had even finished giving the command there was a plume of flames flying out of Beast’s mouth, engulfing the wild Pokémon in fire. I quickly pulled an empty pokéball from my backpack and tossed it at the injured Pokémon. Both Beast and I stared at the twitching pokéball, waiting for the ding that signals a successful capture.


    And there it was; My second capture, and another victory for Beast. I cheered and Beast ran up to me, waiting for approval. I gave him a hearty pat on the head and told him how proud I was, and I went to retrieve my newly caught Mareep, which I deemed, Fluffy.


    Chapter 3

    Fluffy was a very energetic and playful Mareep. I loved the way her cream wool fluffed up when she ran around with the rest of my team. I watched as Fluffy and Beast engaged in a game of tag and Violet rested in a nearby tree, watching the others. The look in Violet’s eyes told me that she thought the others were being childish. Violet used to be very playful, but since Fluffy joined the team, she seemed to be tenser and isolated herself a lot. My only guess was that she didn’t quite enjoy another female being around, but I was sure that she would get used to Fluffy in time.

    “Alright you guys, we need to get to training again if we are ever going to beat Faulkner.” I called to Beast and Fluffy. It didn’t take but a few seconds for them to be by my side again, the childish antics nowhere in sight and a serious look on their faces. I returned Beast and Violet to their pokéballs since they were already considerably stronger than any Pokémon around, and I only needed to focus on Fluffy’s training. Fluffy began bouncing around emphatically again when she realized that she was going to get some one-on-one time with me. I laughed at her eagerness to get training and led her into the tall grass nearby.
    We began our training, easily taking out the many Pidgeys that appeared; yet struggling slightly whenever we would meet the familiar Bellsprout. We had just defeated another Rattata when all of a sudden Fluffy let out a loud wail.

    A vibrant pink light flashed in front of me, surrounding Fluffy in a neon abyss. I knew this light all too well from when Beast first evolved back in the dark cave. I watched as the neon light grew brighter and brighter until I could no longer see my beloved Fluffy, and then slowly faded out to where all I saw gleaming in front of me was a pink, fluffy Pokémon, Flaaffy.

    After evolving into Flaaffy, Fluffy didn’t have near as much of that pretty cream wool that I loved, and her coloring went from yellow to pink. Don’t get me wrong, Fluffy was cute as a button now, but I had grown fond of Mareep. I leaned down and gave Fluffy a big hug for doing so well and working so hard. I knew we were ready for Faulkner now.
    I returned Fluffy to her pokéball and walked reluctantly back to the Pokémon Center to heal up my team before venturing into Violet City’s gym.

    “Back again so soon, Melly?” Nurse Joy greeted me with a smile as I walked in the door. Nurse Joy always made me nervous for some reason, so all I could do was reply to this comment with a smile. Something about her just made me wonder what exactly was going on behind the back door of the Pokémon center, what exactly she was doing with everyone’s Pokémon. Oh well. Just a mystery I will never solve.

    Dodging another drawn out goodbye with Joy, I walked back outside and let Beast out of his Pokéball once more. Another wave of fire and my friend was standing by my side growling and flexing his muscles.

    “Hold up, Beast. No battles just yet. The gym is all the way across town.” I smiled, glad that my partner was always so ready to battle. It let me know that he would never give up on me and would always do his best. I saw a glint of something sneaky in his eye as he looked up at me with a smile. Curious, I just stared down at him waiting to see what he’d do. He then snorted a puff of smoke twice and then spit a small flame. Suddenly he just took off, running as fast as he could across town.

    Beast wanted to race! There was never a dull moment with this Pokémon. He made a game out of everything, and that was part of the reason I loved him. I kicked up my heels and took after him, slowly falling farther and farther behind. Beast was dodging in and out of people’s front yards and across the streets of the town. When I finally reached the gym Beast had already caught his breath and was sitting under a nearby tree. As I walked up he slowly stood up and walked to my side with a wide grin spread across his face.

    “Yea, yea, yea…” I said with a smirk as we walked together up to the gate. As we grew closer, I noticed a sign on the front gate. “Well Beast, it looks like Faulkner’s not here. This sign says that he’s currently training in Sprout Tower. Guess we should go find him there. Alright, Beast?....Beast?”

    I turned around to see Beast’s flame-lit tail sprinting away from me, in the direction of Sprout Tower. Still slightly out of breath, I sighed quietly to myself and started after him.
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