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October Carter – Syndicate HQ, Birmingham, England

October felt the sting as Leon’s words burrowed deep beneath her skin, but she would not allow him the satisfaction of seeing her squirm at those words. Instead she continued to smile at him, continued to charm him whilst stealthily brushing his arm; one brush was all she needed. Grabbing his wrist, she directed him out, a simple “this way” leaving her lips, but before they reached the door October turned on her ability. Shockwaves spread from her fingertips, vibrating their way up Leon’s arm and to his skull where the real damage would take place. She intensified the shockwaves, not enough to cause brain damage, but enough to cripple Leon for the time being. They shook Leon’s skull from the inside, resonating and interrupting any thought process. From the outside, it looked as if Leon was having nothing but a migraine, but inside, his skull was shaking.

October dropped down to her knees as Leon clutched his head in pain, her eyes meeting his, “this is the power of seismokinesis, if I were you, I would be careful where you tread with me," she spoke in a hushed tone, the smile still on her face.

“Cut it out, October, take the man to his room and leave him in peace,” called Joshua from behind a console, October figured he didn’t want her damaging his new pet.

“Anything you want, Josh,” she replied, calling him by the informal shortening of his name out of spite, releasing Leon’s wrist in the process. She had been careful enough to not do too much damage, but he would have a small headache for a little bit.

October returned to her feet, opening up the door and standing in the hallway, waiting for Leon to join her, “come on, we haven’t got all day!” She smiled at him, giving him a stare that conveyed seriousness of what she could do. She turned around, pressing the button for the elevator, wishing that it would hurry up. She almost felt sorry for Leon, he was cute, and given the chance he could eventually grow on her, but Leon needed to learn the pecking order. Once he learnt that, October was sure the two of them would get on well.
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