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I am sorry, I wasn't sure how to add this in with my other chapters.

Chapter 4

Sweating badly, I walked slowly up to the entrance of Sprout Tower. Beast was yet again waiting for me with a smile, but this time all I could manage was a little wave. I was starting to get a little ticked off towards him, but I know he was only joking around so I just blew it off.

“I need a little rest before we go in, Beast. Why don’t you, Violet, and Fluffy hang out a little while I go sit down for a bit?” This question was met with a neutral snort. I knew he was excited to battle, but he understood that I needed to rest.

I let Fluffy out first, and with a rather loud bray she was standing by my side looking up at me with loving eyes. I smiled at her and told her to go play with Beast for a little bit to blow off some steam until we were ready to go inside. She closed her eyes momentarily and gave me a large grin before running off towards Beast who was now a wall of spinning flames in the joy of seeing Fluffy coming to play with him. They both touched hands and ran off together to start another game of tag.

“Alright, Violet. I think we need to have a little talk.” I said as I reached for Violet’s Pokéball. With a small hoot, Violet came out and immediately flew into a nearby tree. “Come on, Violet. Please come talk to me.” I begged. I was ignored once again, so I went to stand below the tree to speak with her.

“Do you really dislike Fluffy this much?” I asked, staring up at Violet who was now avoiding eye contact and picking at small leaves stuck in her feathers. All I got in return was a quick glance and a sigh, which I took as a yes. “And you’re upset with me for keeping her on our team?” I added on when I realized that response was all I was going to get. Another sigh.

“Well what do you want me to do about it, Violet? Fluffy hasn’t done anything wrong and she’s an important asset to our team.” After this Violet quickly took flight and landed in a different tree a few yards away. Violet’s actions were depressing me and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Unlike some trainers, I actually cared about my Pokémon’s feelings. I cared that Violet was upset and hurting. I wasn’t sure what I was to do about all of this, but I knew that a decision had to be made. I walked slowly to the tree that Violet had decided to flee to and I asked her once more, “What do you want me to do about it, Violet? I need to know what you want.”

Violet looked up quickly and stared deep into my eyes. I could see anger and frustration in her large, black eyes and I knew this was no longer something that might blow over. She then started clicking her beak at me and I could tell that she was just as upset with me as she was with Fluffy.

With a small tear forming in the corner of my eye I decided to ask the question, “Do you not want to be on my team anymore? Do you want to go on your own now?” Asking these questions proved to be too much for me as I let the tear slide down my cheek. I stood silently looking up at my friend as that single tear turned into a slow but steady stream running down my face.

Violet answered me with a simple shake of the head, and after seeing my tears she promptly looked away from me with a soft hoot. I could tell that she did not want to upset me, but she just couldn’t handle Fluffy anymore. With that hoot I couldn’t hold back anymore. I slowly sank down to a sitting position beneath the tree and cried to myself for a few moments. Hearing me cry, Violet came down from the treetop and landed by my side. She rested her head on my knee, letting me know that she still cared about me. I hugged her tightly and whispered to her that we would never forget her. I got another soft hoot in reply and she rubbed her head across my leg.

“Well, I guess we should go get you something to eat at the Pokémon Center before you head off, don’t you think?” I asked through the tears. Violet’s feathers fluttered and she leapt up onto my shoulder. As I walked slowly to the Pokémon Center, my head hung low, all I could think about was the moment I met Violet.


Route 29 was full of Rattata, and Beast and I were getting very frustrated. I heard a small hooting to our left and I looked through the grass to see Violet tangled up in a Bellsprout’s wrap attack. I could see that she was struggling and couldn’t move to defend herself. I quickly had Beast rip the Bellsprout off of her before burning it to a crisp, so as not to injure Violet anymore. Once she was free I ran to her side to see just how bad her injuries were. You could see very prominent laceration marks from the Bellsprout’s attack and she was fading quickly. All she could do was look up at me with large loving eyes, silently pleading with me to help her. I quickly reached around to my backpack and pulled out one of my potions, sprayed her cuts, and wrapped bandages around her swollen ankles. Slowly she started to gain strength, enough to stand herself up. Though she was no longer in danger of fainting, she was visibly still very weak.

“If you would like to join Beast and I on our journey, I could take you to a Pokémon center that is very close to here. All you have to do is get in this pokéball.” I softly said to her as I held out one of my empty pokéballs. She looked down at the ball, and then up at me once more. I could see the confusion in her eyes, not sure if she should trust me or not, but she knew that she was weak and needed help. She took the risk and lowered her beak to the button of the pokéball, and joined my team.

Tears came to my eyes again as I reminisced in the past of meeting my friend. Luckily, Violet didn’t notice and we could continue our walk in silence. I felt the nausea set in as the Pokémon Center came into view. I knew that I was about to lose one of my best friends, and I cannot explain just how badly it hurt. I just wanted her to be happy.
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