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Alright, I'm done with my SU! Let me know if I need to change, delete, or add anything!


Name: Miharu Mizushima

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Job: Out-Of-The-Box Tactics Class: How to Deal with Them and Create Your Own

Appearance: Miharu has straight, black hair that reaches up to her shoulders. When she is battling, she generally put her hair up in chopsticks. She has smiling, black eyes that are almond shaped and small. She is about 5’8” and weighs about 110 pounds. She has fairly developed muscles and abdomen due her journey and the self-defense that she knows. She is Japanese and looks it. She also has quite a lot of scars, the majourity of such centered in her back. She does not have tattoos and does not wear any jewelry.

Miharu usually wears all black as it is her favourite colour, but she is known to mix in the occasional blue in her outfit. Her clothes are usually loose and easy to maneuver in. She also wears Chinese-styled flats that allow her to walk silently and softly. Generally, she usually wears a black t-shirt and black cargo pants, but changes it due to the weather and the seasons.

Personality: Miharu can only be described as insane: the endearing, but annoying, kind of insane. Miharu generally likes to jokes around and laugh a lot. Generally, she’s very sarcastic and snarky to the extremes, which gains her both a lot of friends and enemies. She likes to take everything as a joke and generally uses nicknames and adding “-chan” to the end of everyone’s last names to annoy them. Despite this, she is very intelligent and observant. At times, if necessary, she can act quite serious, although many people have told her that it doesn’t suit her. She is also very brutally honest and doesn’t mind smacking people (figuratively) in order to find out their true potential or get over themselves. She hates arrogance and will do anything to kill it out of a person. When alone, however, she doesn’t mind peace and quiet, generally using the time to think out things. There are a few moments where it seemed that Miharu’s sanity comes out, rarely in front of people but generally by herself. It has been thought that she likes to act insane because she wouldn’t have to explain anything she does and because she likes to see and study the reactions of people. She’s really interested into psychology and that sometimes shows. She can also act disrespectful at first as she feels that respect is earned, not given, but as soon as one earns that respect, she stays respectful. She is also very loyal to her friends and Pokémon.

In battles, although she may still act a bit insane, she is fairly ruthless and doesn’t mind attacking trainers head on instead of just their Pokémon. She believes that Pokémon and humans must train together and that trainers should do more than just command their Pokémon at a safe distance. She also feels that battling students would be a good way to figure out their strength, so she’ll probably end up battling anyone who comes into her class.

History: Miharu was born in Pallet Town, Kanto. She had her mum and her sister with her; her father had abandoned them when her mother was pregnant. To her, her mum and sister were the best in the world: they were kind, loving, supportive, and amazing. Yet, when Miharu was eight and her sister was twenty-five, her sister ended up moving to Unova. Bishamon was her first Pokémon. She found Bishamon when he was injured on Route One when she was nine. Miharu and her mum nursed Bishamon to health and Bishamon had decided to stick with Miharu.

Before she was about to start her Pokémon journey when she was ten, her mother became ill. Deciding to postpone her journey until her mother was better, she stayed with her. However, it ended up that Miharu’s mother was never going to get better and she died when Miharu was eleven. Heartbroken, Miharu was about to give up Pokémon forever when Bishamon had managed to convince her that her mother would have wanted her to move on. It took a while, but Miharu agreed.

When she was twelve, Miharu decided to start her Pokémon journey. Yet, she had decided to start in Unova rather than Kanto. After visiting her sister who was in Nuvema Town, she started battling the gym leaders. After collecting all eight of the badges, Miharu had decided against participating in the tournament afterward. It was in Unova where she met Akuma, her Darmanitan. While going through Route 4, she was attacked by Akuma when he was a Darumaka. After getting singed by Darumaka’s Fire Punch, Miharu, using Bishamon, subdued and capture Darumaka. Miharu had captured more Pokémon in Unova, but when she moved to Sinnoh, the only Pokémon she kept were Bishamon and Akuma; the other Pokémon went to Professor Oak.

In Sinnoh, aside from Kanto, it was Miharu’s favourite region to go through. It was there where she met Cynthia, who was travelling around Sinnoh about the legends. Without knowing who Cynthia was, Miharu had challenged Cynthia to a battle and lost without knocking out a single of one Cynthia’s Pokémon, yet she did get close to knocking out Cynthia’s Garchomp. This was after getting her third badge in the Sinnoh region. After the battle, Cynthia and Miharu exchanged contact information and they are still friends currently. After beating all eight gym leaders, Cynthia, who had busy at the time, asked Miharu to check out Turnback Cave as people were disappearing in the area. Miharu agreed to investigate Turnback Cave in Cynthia’s place and, ignoring the name, went inside. After moving through all of the caves, she managed to find the portal to the Reverse World. When she went through the portal, it closed from behind her and she realized that she was trapped unless there was another portal to find. After going through the Reverse World after a few hours, finding some bodies (evidently those who had disappeared), she found another portal. When Miharu was just about to go through, Giratina attacked. She just barely was able to distract Giratina enough to go through the portal. She reported to Cynthia about the deaths of those who had disappeared and about Giratina and the Reverse World. This time deciding to go battle in the tournament, she managed to get to the semi-finals, but lost. It was also in Sinnoh where she met Nari, her Jolteon. She was given Nari as an Eevee as a prize as well as the three evolutionary stones (Firestone, Waterstone, and Thunderstone). She ended up evolving Nari to a Jolteon before battling Pastoria City.

After hearing of her accomplishments and her friendship with Cynthia, she received an invitation to a tournament in the Almia region. She accepted and using all of the Pokémon she had, she battled her way to the finals, after to beat Lance in the semi-finals. As fate would have it, she would have to battle Cynthia in the finals. The night before the finals, however, terror struck the tournament. An army of Rotoms were causing mayhem and destruction. Miharu managed to stumble upon their leader, Nightmare (a black, talking Gengar), and fought each other. Since most of her Pokémon were at the Pokémon center, she only had Nari (Jolteon) and Bishamon with her. Using Nari to try to subdue Nightmare, they battled fiercely. As Nightmare was charging up a Shadow Ball, instead of aiming for Nari, he aimed for Miharu instead. Nari, who was fast enough, took the hit for Miharu and the both of them ended up flying on part of the crumbled area, including sharp pieces of glass. Miharu, having grabbed Nari and protecting her, ended up taking all of the glass and the rocks in the back, which caused the majourity of her scars. Nightmare, happy in his win, was distracted from the Master Ball that had rolled off of Miharu’s belt and ended up being captured. Before passing out, Miharu sent Bishamon out and asked him to teleport them to the Pokémon center. Both Miharu and Nari had lost a lot of blood, but they would be fine. It would take Miharu a few days to get out of the hospital and Nari two weeks. Yet, the finals were in a week. As such, Miharu had decided not to use Nari in the finals. While battling Cynthia, Miharu’s stitches were torn. However, she continued to battle through the pain until they both only had one Pokémon left. However, because she began to get dizzy because of the blood loss, she was unable to command Bishamon well and they lost against Cynthia and her Garchomp. Miharu congratulated Cynthia and passed out. When she woke up in the hospital, Cynthia was by her bed. Cynthia said that it was a great battle and they both had about the same chances of winning if Miharu had been in full health. Miharu shrugged and Cynthia, after wishing Miharu well, left.

Now moving to Hoenn, she gave her Pokémon aside from Bishamon, Nari, Nightmare, and Akuma to Professor Oak. Hoenn was the region where she spent less time on battling and more time on getting to know Nightmare better. Although she did end up beating all eight of the gym leaders, she had decided to not battle in the tournament. Because of Nightmare, Miharu ended up in a lot of awkward situations, including traveling in time. In their room at the Pokecenter, Nightmare noticed two glowing orbs. Miharu, who was reading, hadn't notice Nightmare grabbing them until a bright light flashed and they were sent to an alternate universe where Miharu died the night Nightmare was captured, and Nightmare had been killed by Cynthia, who was enraged that her friend had died. They met up with Cynthia, who had attacked them at first. However, they managed to prove that they were the real Nightmare and Miharu. Miharu wondered why they were sent there, but it was all clear when a Rotom suddenly attacked Cynthia. The Rotoms under Nightmare control had gone insane without their leader, attacking and killing everyone in sight. With Nightmare's weird ability to control Rotoms, they all calmed down and they were immediately sent back to their own universe.

After sending the Pokémon to Professor Oak aside from Bishamon, Nari, Nightmare, and Akuma, she moved on to Johto. Johto was a bit more rural than Kanto, but it felt reminiscent to home. This was also when she found out about how Nightmare was a weird colour and how he was able to talk and control Rotoms. Nightmare had been experimented on by a group of scientists. He managed to escape when they forced him to become a Gengar and broke through the cages using Hyper Beam. After destroying the lab, he went to Almia. Yet, Miharu had managed to hear of whispers that the group of scientists was, once again, experimenting with Pokémon. Together, they defeated the scientists and the strong trainer they had protecting them. This was also the region where she met Haku (Lapras). When she was traveling through a cave in Johto, she found Haku there. After battling and capturing Haku, they journeyed together. After battling and defeating all eight of the gym leaders, Miharu moved on to Kanto.

Kanto was definitely the region in which she met the most legendaries: Mewtwo and Mew. Mewtwo she met in the Cerulean Cave. After defeating Misty for her second Kanto gym badge, Miharu went on to travel the Cerulean Cave. She managed to make it through to the end when she saw Mewtwo. Mewtwo immediately attacked, knocking Miharu into a wall where she managed to slam her head to the wall and passed out. She woke up to dripping water and remembered what had happened, she quickly got up, ignoring the throb of her head, and checked the surroundings. Mewtwo was gone. After defeating all of the gym leaders and still having some free time before the Indigo League, Miharu traveled a bit throughout Kanto. She had managed to take down an uprising criminal group that had slowly becoming amongst the likes of Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galactic, and Team Plasma. However, she managed to miss the leader. The leader, enraged, sent an assassin after Miharu with the projects they were working on. The assassin tracked Miharu down to Mt. Silver in where they battled it out. The assassin used normal Pokémon that Miharu was able to defeat with ease...Until the assassin brought out mind controlled Mewtwo and Mew. Miharu was losing, and losing badly. Against one legendary, she probably could have held her own, but against two of the strongest...Well, it wasn't possibly. Soon, it was just Nightmare, Miharu, and Bishamon left. Miharu fought the assassin head on, physically, while Bishamon fought off Mewtwo and Nightmare fought off Mew. Miharu noticed that Mewtwo and Mew didn't respond as well when the assassin was distracted and pushed her advantage. However, the assassin managed to get in a good blow that stopped Miharu for a few seconds, allowing the assassin to pin Miharu to the ground and put a knife to her throat, deciding against using the knife, and started to choke her. Seeing Miharu in trouble, Nightmare was able to defeat Mew with a well-placed, good luck, Metronome, while Bishamon still fought off Mewtwo. Nightmare Shadow Balled the assassin off of Miharu. The assassin, seeing that the Shadow Ball would kill her if she was still on Miharu, stopped choking Miharu and was able to dodge the Shadow Ball. As Miharu tried to breath, she managed to notice two pink jewels on one of the assassin's earrings. She managed to rasp out an order; Nightmare to start attacking Mewtwo so Bishamon would be able to teleport the two pink stones to her. They both followed their orders well, and the two pink jewels were in Miharu's hand. She smashed them before the assassin could stop her, and Mewtwo suddenly teleported away from Nightmare and locked the assassin psychically. The two pink jewels were the project; like how Kyogre and Groundon were controlled by the Red and Blue jewel, the two pink jewels would be able to help them to control Mewtwo and Mew. Mewtwo killed the assassin and thanked Miharu for saving himself and Mew. Miharu nodded as Mewtwo stated that he would keep in touch and Mewtwo teleported himself and the still passed out Mew away. Miharu was sent to the hospital, her Pokémon were sent to a Pokémon center, and after an overnight stay, she was allowed to leave. Two weeks after that was the Indigo League. Miharu managed to win the tournament, and then proceeded to go against the Elite Four and the Champion. She beat the Elite Four with ease and then it came down to the Champion VS Miharu. Each of them had one Pokémon left, Bishamon and Venusaur, starter VS starter. Bishamon was defeated and Miharu had decided to train at Mt. Silver when she heard about the Pokémon Trainer Academy and thought that she would be able to train other trainers well. Hearing that teachers could only have a maximum of five Pokémon, Miharu sent the rest of her Pokémon aside from Bishamon, Nari, Nightmare, Haku, and Akuma to Professor Oak.


Species: Gallade
Nickname(Optional): Bishamon
Gender: Male
Personality: Bishamon is, like the rest of her Pokémon, very loyal. He has honour and while he doesn’t mind dry humour, he does act serious a lot. He calls Miharu ‘master’ and is able to communicate with Miharu telepathically. Bishamon is Miharu’s closest friend. Although he does like to banter with Miharu and point out mistakes, he is very respectful and does not like insulting other people. He does get annoyed with Nightmare quite a bit but generally likes his teammates, even Nightmare. Bishamon is very overprotective of Miharu and wouldn’t let anyone harm her after everything that has happened in their journey.
Level(Max 50): 54
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Teleport, Brick Break, Leaf Blade, Psychic, X-Scissor, Night Slash

Species: Jolteon
Nickname(Optional): Nari
Gender: Female
Personality: Nari is a very energetic Pokémon. Sometimes a handful, she always likes to run around. Although she listens to Miharu well, if her other teammates or anyone else tell her to do something, she is quite rebellious. Yet, she really is kind and loyal to Miharu. She doesn’t mind shocking her teammates if they act like idiots except for Haku, who is quite nice to Nari. She also doesn’t mind shocking Miharu if she acts like an idiot. She is very agile and very hard to catch.
Lvl(Max 50): 52
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Dig, Shadow Ball, Light Screen, Thunder

Species: Gengar
Nickname(Optional): Nightmare
Gender: Male
Personality: Nightmare is rude, loud, violent, and likes to drink. He is also the only one out of two of Miharu’s Pokémon that she can communicate with, except, unlike with Bishamon, Nightmare actually speaks like a human. Not only that, but he is an odd black colour, different from Gengars’ usual purple. Liking to curse, Nightmare doesn’t mind back talking against Miharu or committing petty thefts. He’s the type of Pokémon that probably shouldn’t be allowed around children. Yet, although he generally hides it, he does care for Miharu and tries his best to protect her. Well, when he isn’t hitting her himself.
Lvl(Max 50): 54
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Hypnosis, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Energy Ball

Species: Lapras
Nickname(Optional): Haku
Gender: Female
Personality: Haku is the only sane person amongst her Pokémon friends. She acts very motherly to all of her friends, including Miharu. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a temper, however. If someone (namely Nightmare) manages to make her mad, it isn’t very pretty. Yet, she does have a very forgiving nature. She is the kindest out of all of the Pokémon and generally comforts her other Pokémon. Sometimes, she cannot stand Nightmare who is quite rude, but is able to look past the annoyance and tries to act pleasant to Nightmare. Generally, a conversation between the two of them ends with Nightmare being shocked, frozen, or very wet.
Lvl(Max 50): 48
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Sing, Toxic

Species: Darmanitan
Nickname(Optional): Akuma
Gender: Male
Personality: Akuma is a Pokémon who acts rather than think. Although he does listen to Miharu, he loves to battle. If he finds someone who he thinks is a worthy opponent, he will pester them for a battle until they agree. Despite being rash and, sometimes, oblivious, he does like every one of his teammates. He always says that Nightmare is his rival, however, and challenges Nightmare to battles every week.
Lvl(Max 50): 53
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Fire Punch, Thrash, Hammer Arm, Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Stone Edge
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