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Julia -- Kanto

Julia was in a good mood. You see, she had found and was currently in battle with one of the recruiters for the Earth and Sky League. Not only that, she was winning. Four of the man's six pokemon lay frozen on the sidelines. One lay fainted. A powerful hailstorm roared overhead. This was not uncommon, at least not for her. Rocky, Julia's Machoke she'd received from Madeleine, was in the face of the man's last pokemon, a Raichu. He had just thrown a Dynamic Punch. The Raichu dodged, but this proved useless, as though the first punch technically missed, it was immediately struck with Rocky's second-hand, sending it stumbling backwards in a clumsy, confused manner. Julia saw her chance to take advantage of the situation.

"Rocky, combo it with stone edge!"

Rocky summoned his strength, and as the Raichu regained its balance it was abruptly struck by a handful of jagged rocky spires exploding out of the ground, sending it flying into the air and crashing back to the ground nearby where it did not get up. To say the least, her opponent was shocked. Julia's strategy had been devastating and undiscriminating in whom it had decimated. How she had managed to freeze so many pokemon was a mystery. It had to have been secret power, somehow. Regardless... fair was fair.

And that was how Julia earned her force Lethia badge-piece.

Julia -- Lethia

...Julia was a bit distraught. You see, she had wandered around for quite a bit before realizing that what she needed was not in fact conveniently located in the local town, and after trying to gather some sort of hint as to where the merchants were currently residing she was left searching for them. Luckily enough, it didn't take that long, as it turned out a significant amount of people made it their business to know this sort of thing. Moving into the encampment Julia moved to open her bag and move through the contents of said bag, checking over her supplies. She had some food, some flavored water, and some pokemon medicine. Basic stuff any trainer needed. Looking over the stuff the merchants had for sale he was glad she hadn't come empty-handed too. 800 yen pokedollars for a single standard pokeball?! She could feed herself for several days with that money! It wasn't really breaking the bank, but still! She didn't have enough money to go around spending that much on unnecessaries. On the other hand, she /needed/ medicine... Looking over what she'd brought, it was enough for a while, but she found reason to doubt that it was enough for the entire tournament; she didn't have to use medicine all that often normally. If things went horribly wrong, her supply wouldn't last long.

Julia silently debated whether to spend what money she had on more medicine. Ultimately she was torn, so she looked around some more and overheard someone talking about jobs... /Jobs/? She was 14! She didn't want a /job/! Julia eventually became aware of a stack of forms for the spring tournament. She looked around for forms for the other seasons but couldn't find any. This was frustrating to her. She wound up assuming they must only give out the forms one at a time for each cup.

Julia was repeatedly frustrated by the island and continued to look around, trying to figure out how she was supposed to prepare. It was then that she happened to move over and ask about the jobs available, more out of curiosity than anything else...

  • Starter Pokemon: A professor in New Bark town is looking for 3 wild pokemon to give to new trainers preparing for their journey. He requires a Fire, Water and Grass type Pokemon. [Reward: 10000 x each one caught]
  • I need materials: I require materials that Pokemon produce in order to create various survival items. I need some silk webbing from a Spinarak, discarded baby pokemon egg shells and any empty Metapod cocoons, nothing alive in them. [Reward:2 badge components]
  • Bounty: To any trainers, if you come across any other groups belonging to team rocket and defeat them, return with their hats or an article of clothing. The security will pay for each item turned in from money to badge pieces. [Reward: 100 - 1 badge piece]
  • Giving Up: I have a fully assembled badge but I am planning to quit the tournament. I have recently had the chance to try a one on one battle with the sea captain at the hotel and was completely destroyed. I have also had a chance to fight some of the trainers on the island, but even then they don't compare to the old man. Before I leave, I am looking for a red tattered photo album I lost in the mountains, I need someone to find it. [Reward: 15 badge components COMPLETE BADGE]
  • Photography: We are looking for a trainer in green, riding a Meganium. Do not approach him, we simply need pictures of any pokemon he has in his possession.[Reward:67000, 3 badge components]
  • PROTECT ME!: I'm currently located near the hotel and am looking for an escort to the mountain. I think I'm being followed and want some protection.[Reward: 1 badge component]
  • Mountain Herbs: I need some herbs in the mountain region to create some home brewed potions. Will be willing to pay for each herb brought to me.[Reward:500 x per herb]

At first she was just further frustrated by the notion of working, that is until the word badge caught her eye. Wait, these jobs gave out /badge pieces/? Julia's eyes widened a bit at this realization, some sort of joy overtaking her frustration. That was awesome! Looking through the list, most of them only gave a couple of pieces, and some only gave money, though they gave quite a pretty penny. One of the jobs was crossed out. Only one person could take the job, it seemed. One job caught her eye in particular. It offered an /entire badge/. Julia's eyes lit up, thoughts of extreme wealth swimming through her head. All she had to do was find a photo album in the mountains? She had pokemon to help her! The notion that a job could be a trick was completely lost on her. Why would someone ever want to trick /her/? It didn't occur to her that an entire badge was a lot for this person to offer for a job that supposedly didn't seem so hard.


She tried to get the attention of the man who appeared, at least to her, to be handling jobs.

"Mister, I'd like to take this job..."

She pointed to 'Giving Up' as she said this.

"The one to find a photo album in the mountains..."

She was actually slightly shy in addressing the man, as she wasn't completely used to being... well... /alone/.
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