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    Jack Davis

    Jack nodded, "Iron Island huh? I suppose then it's going to be a steel type then."

    As Mello spoke to Charlie the Kadabra just chuckled as Mello began to rant. "So, you are like Alpha then. Figures, the only other psychic I meet and she is nothing like a psychic. It must be your inferior blood." Charlie fell into his meditative state and tuned out Melllo. If she was an idiot like Alpha, then it would be a waste of his time to bother listening to her or trying to counter her arguments.

    Meanwhile Alpha watched with apprehension as Mello continued speaking. He had just set up a extremely tense situation and something that had simply started out friendly had now dwindled to arguing on a very dangerous subject. Part of Alpha wanted to do something to calm down Mello, but he didn't know how to exactly. If he did say something wrong then all he would do was make the situation even worse. He then saw her moving directly toward Echo and Alpha closed his eyes, he couldn't watch. Charlie looked up and chuckled, this was going to be good.

    Echo had been busy continuing her deep breathing when she heard Charlie give his speech. She simply covered her ears and just breathed. She had lowered her hands and noticed that Mello was approaching her. Echo closed her eyes and took in deep ragged breaths. Still, Mello came and began to talk to her. Echo looked away, continuing her deep breathing, but it was getting harder to concentrate. Echo heard her words, but as Mello continued to talk she reached the point where she began to talk about her origins. Mello was almost... like her. No! She hadn't been hurt as bad as she had been and Mello couldn't remember why she had been abandoned. Echo remembered each and every second of her ordeal. Echo closed her eyes and whispered softly to herself, "Go away, go away, go away..."

    Jack got up with the others as Shadoan told them they were to start going. Jack nodded, "Come on Echo." The Sneasel didn't hesitate in running right to her trainer and grabbing onto his neck. Jack chuckled, "Echo, watch the claws. So, where do would we find a grass type around here?" Echo clutched Jack's neck and took in deep breaths as they walked with the others. All she had to do was keep quiet and she would be left alone.
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