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    I DEFINITELY think that this is one of the best chapters so far. By quite a bit.

    "If you're going to sit down then I guess you won't need your legs."<- Badass. Though personally, I'm not a fan of villains killing their own forces, it definitely is something to show about his own power both in terms of how he inflicts fear, and how many soldiers he must have, of that level.

    Is it just me, or has Kubo's drawing improved in general? I like how he's varied quite a bit, from the dark and serious drawing of the new antagonist, and Orihime/Ichigo's cute/round shapes.

    So Ishida's getting closer to Ichigo? I guess that puts the decision of which side he'll stick with (since there is still plenty of evidence that Quincies are the core villain group); most likely he'll stay with Ichigo.


    It's a shame they didn't know how many intruders there were, that killed 106 soldiers in 3 mins.

    And of course, Ishida/Ichigo's analysis of things.

    NEL! It would be nice for him to explain what happened with her!

    Wow, "Are you a prophet?" "No." "Then stop guessing the future." *KILL* And Ivan too. Man, people are dying all over the place today.

    Arrancars? Haha, looks like everyone was right. I think that was actually good writing on Kubo's part.

    And Harribel! What wasn't good writing is that he showed NOTHING of her after she got slashed that suggested that she went to Hueco Mundo at all, even if the database books said so.

    Definitely a nice, dense chapter, filled with tons of information. The villain is an ******* who kills and tortures in person, the Quincies are really going all out to beat Soul Society by taking over Hueco Mundo - though how will they do it exactly? Aizen split Soul Society practically in half, and he managed to do jack squat.

    And with Harribel captured, and Nel escaped, I think we'll be seeing Grimmjow in the future too - perhaps he also managed to escape, but not into the real world. And he's not likely to fight back against the Vandenreich just yet because he knows that if they have Harribel, then he has no chance.
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