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@Julia - PkMn Trainer Yellow
The job recruiter turned to face Julia and looked over the job statement. "Alright, the giving up job. One minute." The man checked the time to see if the radio tower was still operational and made a phone call. "You have a trainer who is willing to accept your request... How long do you plan to stay in Lethia?... Uh-huh.... Alright, I'll fill her on the details." The man puts his cell away and digs out a small stapled document. "The photo album the trainer is looking for contains photos of rare and legendary pokemon given to him by his father. However, while in the mountains in the week before, a Sneasel dug through his things while bathing in the hot springs and made off with it. He tracked the pokemon down into the caves where the fire types are located, but couldn't enter due to his body's condition. If you can recover the album from the pokemon's nest and bring it back to a job booth like mine before friday, 4 days from now. The client will pay you the reward." He chuckles a bit smiling. "All the work we accept is pre-paid, all you have to do is find the album... If this were a scam, trust me, The leagues officials won't be too happy for it..." He hands her the packet of papers containing the details to the job and sent her on her way.

@ My Group - The one Im with.

Avaith looked back at charlie, glaring before he sighs as he kept trying to comfort Mello. "Let me ask... Ulla, Seen any grass types while scouting the area?" She nodded her head as she pointed a bit east off into the woods. "How many KM?" She responded quietly "Win. Win. Wingull" He sighs for a minute turning to Jack "Through the bugs, 1.5 km in that direction. Theres probably 2 or 3 grass types huddling together, if were careful, we might be able to catch one without fighting. Providing if they're still asleep." Avaith looks back once more at Mello and drops back a bit to alpha's pace "Is Charlie always this much of a.... Well, a jackass with a superiority complex? Concerning what has happened today."
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