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    I am considering stopping writing these. I am not getting much positive feedback anywhere I am posting these. But here's my last shot.


    Pain just isn’t a strong enough word to describe what I was feeling after watching one of my teammates fly off into the distance. I had tried to call to her and ask where exactly she was going. I wanted to know if maybe there was a chance I would see her again, but Violet had already flown too far away to hear any sound that escaped my lips at that point. Wiping the tears from my eyes I knew that I still had a job to do. I had to go back to Sprout Tower, collect the rest of my team, and find Faulkner.
    Faulkner was my first speed bump on the road to becoming a Pokémon master. Without a badge from his gym, I could go no further. I knew that Beast was just itching for a battle, but that he wouldn’t be much help in a battle against flying-type Pokémon. It seemed like Fluffy was my only hope. It all came down to my little pink Flaaffy whether or not I would proceed on to Azalea town to face the second gym. I had faith in Fluffy, but one can’t help but worry.
    Back at Sprout Tower I saw Beast and Fluffy lying underneath the large tree that once held Violet moments before. They were visibly exhausted, and this worried me.
    “Did y’all really play so hard that you wore yourself out before we even managed to ENTER Sprout Tower?” I asked as I walked up to where they were loafing around. Beast immediately stood up and threw his arms in the air. Everything went black when I realized that he had decided to coat me a thick layer of smoke and ash. Coughing and spitting I fought to regain my breath. As my vision was coming back to me, all I saw was Fluffy rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter and Beast staring at me with that sneaky little gleam in his eyes. “Alright, so you’re still alright to battle. But was that really necessary?”
    Beast spit a small flame as I tried to wipe off as much ash and dirt off of my clothes as I could. He then turned his back to me and began to walk towards Sprout Tower. Sometimes I really wished that Beast wasn’t so mischievous, but it really did make things more interesting as he always kept me on my toes. I pulled out Fluffy’s pokéball to put her back onto my belt as Beast and I entered the front door of the tower.
    Sprout Tower was very dark, only lit by small candles hung down the halls. There were few others in the tower and I decided to approach the first that I saw. This man seemed to be about sixty years old and slightly hard of hearing as he kept leaning in to hear the woman that he was speaking with. He was wearing a baggy brown shirt and long khaki shorts. This was the first person since I left Cherrygrove city that I had seen wearing sandals, that is, until I looked at the woman beside him. She was also wearing the same sandals, along with a long, flowing brown Indian-style dress. She had her hair in long braids and also seemed to be rather well aged.
    “Excuse me, sir?” I asked, slightly louder than I normally would. “Have you seen the gym leader, Faulkner? The sign on his gym said that he wa-“.
    The old man abruptly caught me off guard yelling, “GOODNESS GRACIOUS, GIRL. YOU DON’T GOTTSTA YELL! I CAN HEAR YOU-SE JUST FINE!”
    Slightly taken aback all I could do was apologize.
    “Faulkner’s up on that there top floor of the tower. Now get on and leave me be.” He rudely explained to me. After this statement, Beast spit smoke into the air and took a large step towards the old man. I put my hand down in front of Beast signaling him to calm down, and simply just turned my back on the old man and headed towards the nearest ladder.
    “Gosh, aren’t there any elevators in this place?” I muttered to myself as I struggled to climb the many ladders that would eventually get me to the top floor of Sprout Tower. I had returned Beast to his pokéball to make the climbing easier, and honestly I am glad I did. I don’t think I could have handled him laughing at my struggle to lift my own body weight up a simple ladder. What can I say? I am a girl, and I have no upper body strength.
    I finally pull myself up to the top floor and look around for Faulkner. This floor was darker than the rest, with only a single candle in each of the four corners of the room. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the new lighting I began to see a figure come into view. I am not sure if I was simply adjusting to the lighting or if this figure really was drawing closer to me at a near rapid pace.
    In the dark, I was shoved to the ground. As I hit the floor all I felt was a pain in my leg and a crunch on my hip. All I saw was the large figure above me, and a sudden flash of a bright orange light.
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