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    While everyone mingled, Chauncey mostly stayed back, munching quietly on his apple. He hadn't eaten supper the day before, and was more hungry than he let on, but the lines at the food vendors were long at the moment, and he didn't want to wait in line while he already had something; it just seemed rude. Instead he just hung around at the back wall. Lifting the fruit to his mouth, Chauncey crunched another bite from it as he wondered what it was they were all being called for. Since literally everyone seemed to have been summoned, it must have been something big. The Togetic's suspicions drifted towards the Declarum Forces actually openly attacking the Council in force. The thought of open war worried him, especially all the Pokemon who would be killed or injured. In the background a voice spoke, but Chauncey didn't really hear what it said. Looking up when he saw movement, Chauncey saw everyone taking their seats, and a Tyrogue taking the stage. Instantly recognizing who it was, Chauncey hurried to take his seat as well, stowing the half-eaten apple in a pouch.

    The Tyrogue addressed the crowd, "Thank you all for coming out here. I have a very special presentation for you all. I still see we have some soldiers coming in so we'll set aside some time before we begin the presentation. There's more than enough food set aside, so please help yourselves. We'll give you all ten minutes before we begin." With that, the Pokemon walked off the stage.

    Sighing, Chauncey tried to push away his worries. It was a presentation, maybe that meant they wouldn't be going into battle en masse just yet. Seeing the lines were just starting to grow again, the Togetic hurried up to grab something else. While he waited, ran a hand over the scar on his wing, as he often did when trying to ignore something, in this case the thoughts of war. The feel of it gave him something else to focus on. Soon it was his turn in the line, and he took a few Nanab berries. Returning to his spot at the back wall, Chauncey took out the apple to finish it, holding the Nanabs in the other hand. When he took a bite of the apple, he found it tasted strange, and examined it. He blinked at the powder on it; apparently in his rush to take his seat he'd put it in his sleeping pellet pouch by mistake. One of them must have burst inside. Blinking again, this time, Chauncey found his eyelids were getting heavy. In a few moments, the Togetic had fallen on the floor, asleep.
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