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Originally Posted by mineox100 View Post

That map look awesome! Are you using that in your game?
Here's two of my map:
Copper Town:

Route 2:
Copper town looks good. pretty standard looking. could mix it up with a different house style (as in you have 3 of the same houses next to each other).

route 2 is just a giant patch of grass with a few ledges at the sides, not really that good. right now, a player can just walk straight to get past the map. thats not good design. try put some trees or ledges in the middle of the map. give the route a distinct shape.

Originally Posted by Xavier_PokeNation View Post
Pallet Town revamped for my game:
nice, looks pretty good, the only advice i give is possibly move down oak's lab a little bit, seems to be too close to gary/blue's house.
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