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    Thyme smiled and nodded.

    "We sure do... A lot has happened... We need to catch up later... But first, what are you and Mark doing in this filthy place?" she said, gesturing at the muddy landscape around them, her eyes not leaving Snype's as she leaned her head into his. She smiled and simply held close to him.

    "Hmm... Maybe I should stick around and lend a hand... Lots of water and ground types generally live in swamps..." she said in and off hand voice.

    ((OOC: Congrats Megaman, Thyme will probably listen to Mark in a battle, assuming that it;'s a serious one. xD))


    "Oh, it's no trouble. Um..." Brian said with a blush. Sprinkles closed his eyes. Well, looked like he wasn't going to get to fight today. Oh well. Brian walked to the front office and grinned.

    "Here's the office. I need to trade my jacket in, it's arms are too short, so we can go and get you one too, right?" he said hopefully, his bright eyes shining with joy. He was more than happy to be her friend. He was more than happy to be anyone's friend, of course, but he felt she was special somehow. He smiled shyly and opened the door so they could go in.


    Quin walked quickly through the road to the PowerPlant, eager to begin his investigation. He held Ezar in his arms and she sighed, looking around. By the time he reached the plant, Zara was quiet with his complaints.

    "Now, we have to perform a Stage Three examination of the equipment and see if it is safe for operation. Ready boy?" he said to Ezar, still thinking that she was a boy. She shrugged and rested her arms on his forearms as Quin pushed the door open and entered the dark power plant, unaware that two shapes were watching him from inside the building.
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