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Atticus Forsberg - Somewhere over Europe

"Hey," Atticus turned his head, still sulking a little. It was Helena. At least she wouldn't yell at him. "Thanks... for getting me here in one piece."

"Din välkomna. Tack," Atticus said with a sigh, smiling softly back at Helena before Annie interrupted the brief silence asking Helena about her powers. Helena briefly showed Annie what she could do, which was a lot more than some people could do with the simplest junk. Atticus was a little glad her training wouldn't be as vigourous as it could be.

"Yeah, it's alright! You're all new to this so it's natural you'll have no idea what to do. Me and Natalia have had our abilities a little while longer because when you know of your heritage, it has the same effect as what happened a week ago. So yeah, don't compare yourself to other members at the AUP either. They've been training for some of the week," Annie nodded. "We should be there soon. Headquarters, I mean."

Nikolai returned from the kitchen, giving Helena a cup of water. That was something Atticus could really go for right now. Water? A cold drink? A coffee? Something like that. He'd probably get one at headquarters. He remembered there was a chick who could manipulate milk. Lactokinesis, she called it. Some people had said it was lame but look at Atticus; he had a tail.

"You look like you need a drink," Atticus turned his head to the Russian. "Want some?"

"Yeah, please," he said with a nod, taking the small glass as Nikolai poured it for him. At least this would make him feel better. "Thanks dude."

"Excuse me," Cooper's voice came over the speakers, "but I'll need everyone to take their seats. We're about to make our descent."

"Told you!" Annie said, strapping her own seatbelt on. Atticus followed suit and about a minute or two later, the plane dipped down. It didn't take long and the landing was very smooth, unlike most of their trip. They found themselves in a large hanger and as they could see from Natalia opening the door and folding out the small set of stairs, it was raining outside and probably getting to the point of early afternoon.

"Let's go everyone," motioning to the door as she went over to help Annie. Atticus unstrapped himself and stepped down to outside, meeting himself with a familiar face; it was none other than the leader of the Atlantean Unification Project himself.

"Atticus!" the man said, a hint of a French accent seeping through his British one. He was quite young for a leader, a little older than Natalia (probably in his early fourties) and was very clean looking, with his nicely combed kind of hair and goatee very clean and professional looking. He was wearing a dark suit with a crisp, blue tie and a bright smile on his face. There was also another standing next to him who Atticus didn't recognise. He was too young to be a body guard. Though Atticus knew well enough that the leader did not need a bodyguard. "Ah, I'm so glad you all make it safely."

"Guys," Atticus said as Helena and Nikolai exited the plane, "this is Mr. Bernot, leader of the AUP."

"Atticus, please, you listen to Natalia too much. Ms. Andersson? Mr. Afon? I am Emil and I am very much please to make your aquaintence. And this is Devon, my son. Oh!" he turned to Annie, Natalia and Cooper as they also exited the plane. "We're all here. This is excellent."

"Evo," the boy corrected his father quietly, though he went unheard by him. He looked about fifteen or sixteen.

"Emil!" Annie cheered.

"Mr. Bernot," Natalia said with a nod.

"Emilio, Devon," Cooper said, also nodding.

"It's Evo," the boy repeated quietly.

"Yes, yes, excellent," Mr. Bernot clapped a hand on Devon's shoulder. "Alright, so! Ms. Andersson and Mr. Afon, did you have any quick questions before we get on the way? We have a lot to cover before the day is out."
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