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Alexis watched Snype and Thyme greet each other, nuzzling against one another. It made a soft smile creep onto her lips and she sank a little down onto the ground, almost sitting down. She was still rather confused as to what had happened, completely forgetting about the thunderclouds a moment ago.

As Len leaned in to whisper to her, Alexis turned her head, raising her brows, her ears twitching faintly while listening. Realization slowly spread on her face, the smile only widening slightly. She muttered back to him.

“Awh… I had no idea she would have been Snype’s girlfriend… but now that they’re together, they –do- look really cute with one another. And the whole compatibility doesn’t matter, as long as you’re in love.” She nodded her head firmly, clearly a very strong believer in this. She did respect their privacy however and turned fully to Len, now not worried about getting lost from the others as they had arrived as well.

“So! Here we are… just waiting for the teacher to tell us to go and we can head off into the swamp! Getting excited?” she said with a smile up at him, her tail flicking through the air rather swiftly, a clear sign that she was either happy or very excited.

Daniel was still looking over towards the academy as Mark spoke, the clouds having long gone as he nodded his head slowly. “Yeah… if that was a Pokémon that had done that, I would –love- to see which one could’ve done it. It must’ve been a –huge- one! Be able to fly, most likely… definitely electric.

He glanced towards Oscar who had joined the conversation, who apparently was sporting some kind of Pokémon on his shoulder. Amazing, another Pokémon Daniel had never seen before… he was starting to feel like a dork.

He gave his head a little shake, pointing back at the academy. “Whatever kind of Pokémon could create –that- must be extremely powerful. And even though you’ve got so many Pokémon Mark, I don’t think going after that would be a good idea. I doubt even the teachers could do anything about something like that… though I still would love to see it.”
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