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Hey Yellow, finished my SU, let me know how it is.

: Alexander Becker
Nickname: He can be called Alex by his peers or friends.
Age: 28
Gender (Male or Female): Male
Job: Legendary Studies and Pokemon Origin/Pokemon Endurance Class: The study of any and all Legendary Pokemon, as well as the origin of such Pokemon. Pokemon Origin interlopes greatly with Legendary Pokemon and their beginning, so both will be studied during the class, but not always in the same sessions. EX: Pokemon like Mewtwo are Legendary, but have little to do with the Origin of Pokemon. Therefore, when such Pokemon are being discussed, Pokemon Origins will be left out of the session.

Alexander also teaches a Pokemon Endurance class, which focuses on increasing the Endurance of a Pokemon. What is meant by this is the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions. It will help increase how much a Pokemon can dish out, how much a Pokemon can take, and how long that Pokemon can keep dishing and taking. It also helps in the increasing of a Pokemon's defensive capabilities and natural health.


Personality: Alexander is an outspoken man. He enjoys conversing with others, and loves to interact with people, whether they be students, peers, normal people, or Pokemon. One of his favorite passtimes in fact, is to simply sit around and have a nice conversation with somebody. Furthermore, Alex is passionate about topics that interest him, most of which involve Pokemon, and more specifically his teaching position subject.

However, Alexander can also come off as being clumsy and silly and sometimes seemingly completely unfit for his job. He would often misplace things, often of which are important, around in quite unusual places. He has more than once gotten lost, whether in Pokemon Trainer Academy or elsewhere. He is also quite injury prone, whether simply injuries like slipping on a wet floor, or complex, improbable ones like seemingly falling off a cliff. Yes, he has somehow fallen off a cliff before. The interesting thing is the methods upon which unfortunate things happen to him.

Despite all of this, Alexander always sees the positive side of things, never letting injuries, bad moods, or other negative traits get the better of him. He always appears to be in a good mood, and is always seen smiling. Because of this, he has a great relationship with students, and often gets along with anyone, no matter their personality. However, when a serious situation occurs, or is occurring, Alexander is quick to think, and even quicker to react.

History: Alexander grew up in Celadon City. His parents owned the PokeMart there. Since he was little, he had always been quite fond of Pokemon. Like many kids his age, he dreamt of becoming a Pokemon Master, beating the Elite Four, all that good stuff. He would sit around all day fantasizing about that sort of activities. But it was actually quite a while before Alex ever got his first Pokemon. While many of his friends would depart and grow on their journey to becoming the best, he stayed in Celadon City, helping his family run their shop. He would tend to a few of the smaller tasks, like sweeping up and cleaning. It was never slow work though, and although it involved getting his hands dirty, he enjoyed it. Not as much for the work itself, but because of the intriguing trainers that would pass by daily. Alex would often try to get a few stories out of them, in hopes that he could discover a bit more about the world outside, the world of Pokemon. Quite a bit of them would entertain his requests, and many of them had quite a lot of tales to tell. Alex enjoyed every bit of it.

Alex’s father decided one day to expand the family business into the Johto region. To him, it was a great business opportunity, and he wanted to go over for a few months and establish it. This left Alex’s mother in charge of the shop, with Alex taking a bit more responsibility as well. Alex remained like this for another few months, until his father returned from Johto, a shop fully established, and a present for Alex. While he was over there, his father managed to catch a Sneasel. He presented it to Alex as his first Pokemon. At first, it seemed the Sneasel, who Alex named Shade, was hard to get along with, being tricky and a prankster to mostly anyone, even Alex. This forced Alex to rethink his name to one that more suited him: Loki. Loki seemed to take more to it, as he continued his devilish ways. At first, Alex seemed to think that behaved like this because he didn’t like anyone, including Alex. Soon, Alex realized the Pokemon actually enjoyed it very much. As the two of them grew, Loki seemed to accept Alex more, and Alex accepted this is who Loki was. The two became great friends and partners, although Alex would occasionally ask Loki not to pull as many pranks.

Alex continued on his journey to be the best out there, taking his training to the Hoenn region, where he felt he could get more opportunity to grow as a trainer. Adding a Sawk and a Slakoth to his team, Alex was starting to feel pretty good about himself as a trainer. He challenged a few gyms, managing to get a few victories. He had also gotten in quite a bit of treacherous situations because of his proneness to being so unlucky and injury prone. Needless to say, he had quite a bit of tales to tell when he eventually would come home. Then, one afternoon, he saw something that changed his life. It was a Pokemon, he believed, that flew through the air. He had no idea which one it was, and no clue where it came from, or even what it was. All he knew was it dazzled him, and forced him to do some research on it.

Alex visited several libraries and school in hopes of finding out more about the mysterious, unnamed Pokemon. He couldn’t find any information right away on it, but he discovered many books on related Pokemon, legendary beasts and birds of past and present. He discovered the tie between the origin of a Pokemon, and the legendary Pokemon who entail those origins. The topics fascinated him, and spiraled him off his quest to become a Pokemon Champion, and instead, onto a path of learning more about this topic, and eventually hopefully teaching it.

Alex spent the next few years as a researcher, a teaching assistant, and a scholar in hopes of one day acquired a position he would like. Alex published several papers on the subject, and among other scholars, was beginning to become known as an expert in the field of Legendary Pokemon and the Origin of Pokemon. He had been approached several times by groups interested in tracking down several of these Pokemon, as Alex had speculative estimates on their locations and characteristics. Often, Alex would deny such groups help because of the questionable goals of such organizations. However, Alex would on occasion try to seek out the legendary Pokemon by himself in order to simply see them, perhaps study them from afar. He had had several run-ins with Pokemon he believed to be legendary, but never quite the one Pokemon he saw above the sky, long ago.

One day, Alex was invited by the Pokemon Trainer Academy to become the new professor of Legendary Studies and Pokemon Origin. Without hesitation, Alexander accepted the position. He had always liked sharing his ideas with others, whether they were children in lectures he had given or other colleagues. Alexander moved to Oak Town, but never got a chance to teach just yet, due to what he had to refer to as ‘sick leave’, which in reality involved him slipping on his way out of the boat to the island, and breaking his arms.


Species: Vigoroth
Nickname(Optional): Tuff
Personality: Tuff is a hands down fighter, who loves to fight, and is pretty good at it. He likes to wrestler for fun with other Pokemon, and is big on interaction, especially if it involves a workout in the end. Tuff hates waiting, and can get pretty impatient. He's a hard worker, and he never is one to be lazy or give up easily.
Lvl(Max 50): 45
Moveset: Slash, Brick Break, Double Team, Shadow Claw, Strength

Species: Weavile
Nickname(Optional): Loki
Personality: A sinister Pokemon to the core, Shade enjoy playing tricks on others whenever he can. He is constantly having Alex to stop him from doing things to weaker Pokemon. He is a born trickster, but besides this, is able to get along relatively well with Alex, and any other Pokemon he has respect for, mostly acquired through proving oneself in battling or other feats related.
Lvl(Max 50): 50
Moveset: Toxic, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Rock Smash, Quick Attack, Metal Claw,

Species: Sawk
Nickname(Optional): Sike
Personality: Sike is a patient Pokemon. Always thinking and planning, he has more of a quiet and reserved demeanor. In interaction with other Pokemon, he tends to keep his distance, although he has accepted Alex's other Pokemon as friendly enough, and Alex himself.
Lvl(Max 50): 49
Moveset: Close Combat, Brick Break, Double Team, Bulk Up, Rock Slide, Poison Jab

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