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    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    @DeepImpact: ...But if you remove their powers you're now left with a cookie cutter zombie plot. It's now more basic, not less. I mean pokemon's powers are the fundamental difference between them and normal zombies/humans. So if you remove them it's like why bother having pokemon at all? The crossover will just come across as superficial if it changes exactly nothing. Imagine if the new pokemon crossover Nintendo was developing was just the other game series with a pokemon graphical border around the playing screen.
    Actually, no, just because you took away their powers doesn't mean it's more basic. Considering the T-virus in Resident Evil, the Pokemon may lose their powers, but they will still be faster, smaller, much harder to track, kill and get rid off than human zombies. Plus, a few of them can also fly. Flying isn't necessarily a power, more like a natural ability. Pokemon zombie will have a lot more variety than human zombies anyways, thus making the RP more interesting, rather than basic. Plus, zombie Pokemon vs. humans is a formula that I haven't seen yet, so I think it could really work out if managed well.