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For this year's States, I used EelZone with a few Zekrom-EX. Here is my record...

Battle 1 vs. Mirror (but with regular Zekrom) 0-0

This battle was really fun. I led with Zekrom-EX and Tynamo on my Bench. I had a Rare Candy, Seeker, Communication and Collector, in my hand with the rest Lightning energy... while my opponent led with Zekrom. I put on a DCE, and used Collector to get Magnemite and 2 Tynamo. I Communicated a Tynamo for a Magnezone, and finished. Turn 2, I switched to a Tynamo, evolved another Tynamo to Eelektrik, used Sage's training, got a Catcher and Junk Arm, and discarded a Juniper and 2 Lightning. I used Dynamotor to Zekrom, Rare Candied into Magnezone, used Magnetic Draw and attached another Lightning to Zekrom EX. I used the card switch on Zekrom EX, and OHKO'd Zekrom for a 1st round win.

Battle 2 vs. EelZone Lock!?!? 1-0

Magnezone Eelektrik Terrakion and VILEPLUME. That was the weirdest match ever. Using 1-0-1 Vileplume, I was able to Catcher an Oddish, and then he EVOLVED into Vileplume. Even with the lock, I KO'd the Vileplume with Lost Burn and then Wiped out two unarmed Mewtwos and a Terrakion for an easy win.

Battle 3 vs. CMT 2-0

I hate CMT. Especially with an Emboar. in there. This deck pwned me, and I had a perfect hand. Opponent had a Turn 2 Emboar, Celebi, Tornadus, and Mewtwo. OHKO'd my Zekrom EX, Magnezone, and another Zek-EX then a Catcher'd eel for a quick loss.

Battle 4 vs. CaKE 2-1

I got Donked by a Tyrogue. That's all.

Battle 5 vs. Six Corners 2-2

I Had a Turn 2 Magnezone x2, Eelektrik x2, and Zekrom EX on active spot. Strong Volt to a Virizion, 2x Dynamotor, Lost Burn a Kyurem EX, Strong Volt a Terrakion, Dynamotor, Lost Burn a- wait. Opponent conceded! Yayy!!

Battle 6 vs. CMT 3-2

Finally. A 100% normal deck. I Catchered a Celebi, Glinting Clawed it KO, Lost Burned two Mewtwo EX, and had a Mischievous Punch battle with Tyrogues. I just had lucky dice rolls and an Eviolite! :3

Battle 7 vs. The Truth EX 4-2

The Trainer Lock is what killed me. I had two Tynamo, a Magnemite on the field with Magnemite active. I managed to get out a single Magnezone before the lock, but then it got OHKO'd by Mewtwo, and then the rest got OHKO'd by Kyurem EX and it's Frozen Wings. By the last turn, I literally had EVERY TRAINER CARD IN MY HAND. FAIL. If the lock wasn't there, I might have actually won. In the end, I missed the top cut by 3 spots.

Final Record: 20th place, 4-3. I was the #1 competitor in the standings with a 4-3 record. Missed top cut by 4 spots!! I managed a few Championship points, though!!

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