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I'd like to join!

Name: Pepsi Hyta

Nickname: Coca-Cola, 7-Up, Dr. Pepper, basically every other soda brand out there

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Dorm: Raikou Dorm

Appearance: Pepsi is around 5'4" and is very light for her size. She's skinnier than most people and wears her black hair back in a ponytail that reaches the small of her back. Her shirt is always white and usually it's a t-shirt. Only when it's cold is it not. She wears skinny jeans that just meet up with her black sneakers. Most of the time, she either carries her green jacket, or ties it around her waist with the knot on the very left.

Personality: Pepsi is a tomboy. She wouldn't take an insult without a very good reason. Usually, she would just punch or kick them without a second's thought. The only time she doesn't do this is if the person who insulted her looks like he/she would kill her if she did or if they're a person way older than she is. However, she actually thinks before making a move. Unfortunately, she only thinks whether she will get hurt or not, not if she'll get in trouble or not. Although she does this a lot, she is trying to stop herself from attacking people, and it is working out pretty well. If you get on Pepsi's good side, she'll be an amazing friend. She's very open with her friends and like to joke around. And since she won't take insults, she's a protective friend. When faced with total strangers, however, Pepsi has a slightly smart mouth. That's one of the reasons she was put in the lowest dorm. Her main flaw/good-side is that she doesn't want to hurt any Pokemon. She will protect Pokemon, but in a battle, she tries to avoid attacking and eventually gets defeated by an accurate attack. Pepsi, weirdly, doesn't drink any sodas at all because of her father pulling a trick on her when she was 5.

History: Pepsi grew up in Mauville in the Hoenn region. She was the eldest child in a family with three children. The next oldest was her sister who just recently turned 10. After that came her 8 year old brother. She grew up in mainly two different houses, her own house with her parents, and she would sometimes stay at the Day-Care Couple's house. Pokemon were her love and still are. She would help out at the Day-Care Center whenever the couple couldn't do something. All of the Pokemon who ever went to the Day-Care became friends with Pepsi as she'd play with them a lot. She traveled the Hoenn region with her family because her father had to check on a bunch of businesses around the region when she was ten and they had explored the whole area in half a year. She didn't battle, but her father did and he got six of the badges. Later, when she was 12, Pepsi and her mother went to Sinnoh to see the sights. They went to Sunyshore, Hearthome, Celestic, and Solaceon a couple nights each. Solaceon was because of the Day-Care. The couple there treated Pepsi like their own child and they became very good friends.

All of her Pokemon were eggs that she received, either from the Hoenn Day-Care or the Solaceon Day-Care. Tempest had hatched on her 9th birthday and became her favorite as he seemed to be like a present that he had given her. Mauv hatched the day after Pepsi returned from Sinnoh, in Mauville, his namesake. Lastly, Sol hatched a month after that when they were exploring Meteor Falls with a Pelipper that Pepsi had borrowed from her father. Sol lit up the cave as bright as it was outside the cave.

She was taught how to read and write by the Day-Care couple and she learned math from her mother. Her father was a manager of a company and her mother just stayed at home. To make her not chewing gum, her father stuck a piece of gum in his mouth and pretended that it stuck his mouth closed. The next day, he pretended to choke while drinking a soda, but he actually did choke and was coughing for a long time. Pepsi knows that he was just pretending now, but she still doesn't drink soda or chew gum. Eventually, her parents decided that Pepsi needed some real education on the regular subjects and more importantly, being a trainer, and they sent her to the Trainer Academy where she didn't pay attention at all during the test. She rushed through the test during the last fifteen minutes. Then she refused to attack during the practical exam and got defeated easily. Despite this, she was still accepted to the Raikou Dorm


Species: Kirlia
Nickname: Tempest
Personality: Tempest is a quick Kirlia who had recently evolved. He doesn't hit the hardest, but he does have a fighting spirit. He's calm and doesn't let anger blind him, but he is a bit easy to anger. However, he's friendly to anyone he meets.
Lvl: 23
Moves: Psychic, Teleport, Calm Mind, Destiny Bond, Will-o-Wisp

Species: Croagunk
Nickname: Mauv
Personality: Mauv is a silent Croagunk. He ignores other Pokemon and people, sometimes even Pepsi herself. He prefers to watch rather than fight, but if he's called out for a fight and stays out for at least three minutes, he'll fight to the finish.
Lvl: 19
Moves: Drain Punch, Fake Out, Poison Sting, Taunt, Meditate, Mud-Slap

Species: Houndoom
Nickname: Sol
Personality: Sol is a very friendly Pokemon, but she doesn't have many friends because of how she looks. She'll strike conversation with anyone she sees and try to make friends. Even if the other Pokemon doesn't want to be friends, she's still happy.
Lvl: 24
Moves: Thunder Fang, Ember, Sucker Punch, Roar, Toxic

Challenges in progress:
Monotype Rock
Boldore Lv. 33 Dwebble Lv. 32 Tirtouga Lv. 32
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