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Alexis nodded with a warm smile, trying very hard not to look over at the two hugging Pokémon and go all mushy. She had always been a big softie when it came to love and so forth. “Yeah, they both are…” she then glanced up at Len after having looked off to the side, smiling comfortingly and lifted her arm, patting his arm softly. “Don’t worry Len, you’ll find someone some day.”

Daniel snickered at Mark’s reaction to Oscar’s question. “Yeah, exactly! You can’t go around challenging Pokémon who can create thunderstorms in an instant. That’s just –asking- for trouble, if you ask me.”

He leaned a little back as Killik began speaking, blinking his eyes in confusion as he mentioned something named ‘Zekrom’. Daniel had never heard of, what he assumed it was at least, this Pokémon before. Yet another one, typical.

“Uhm… Zekrom? I… don’t really know what that is.” He mumbled out, clearly embarrassed at his lack of knowledge, lifting a hand to scratch the back of his neck, sticking his free hand into his pocket meanwhile.
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