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Akira Tsukuda - Angel

Akira's dreams were plagued by the same nightmares that haunted him in his waking life, and within a couple of hours of falling asleep, he found himself awake again; the dream fading at the edges of his vision. He felt the tears roll down the sides of his cheeks but chose to stay on his side; slowing his breathing and organising his thoughts back into order.

"I am Akira." Check.

"I am in the Population Games." Check.

"What am I here for?"

When Akira found out they were calling the names of the reaping, he saw this as a chance at redemption. Back then that was. Once the others had been chosen and shipped away, he was disappointed to find that his name had not been chosen; his chance at redemption taken out from under him. But when illness befell one of the contestants, he saw his chance and offered himself as a tribute to take their place. Although the tried to ignore it, Akira knew that those who knew him were happy to see him go; they would probably cheer at his death too, but Akira wasn't concerned.

He laughed silently to himself, little more than a whisper leaving his lips; a sadistic evil laugh. He had no chance, he knew that, he had no chance at winning the Population Games; despite being on the good side with the Game Master, the odds were stacked against him. Having little to no hand-to-hand combat training, much less anything like traps or rope tying, he was useless. His ability to control sand and fly would do no good in a fight against Ryuu. He was weak, he was useless, he had no reason to be here. Redemption was just a reason he made up, he was never seeking redemption in the first place; more like death. He is a coward, he knew that if push came to shove he could kill, but he would rather run away and hide than to confront someone front on; he was nothing.

Stretching his hand out, he fiddle with the small vial on his bedside table, playing with the sandy contents it help until the sun began peeking through the windows.

Day Three of the Population Games.

Akira climbed out of bed, slipping into some comfortable clothes, ready to meet whatever monster they had as his guide. He made sure he had everything on him, everything that was a part of him before heading to the door. He grasped the door handle, feeling the chill metal cool his warm palms and turned it, opening to door to the shadowy figure that was about to knock. Looking up, Akira looked into the eyes of someone he was not expecting to see tonight.

"Please tell me this is a joke!" he exclaimed as Natruo loomed over the angel.
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