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    Knight Tenebrosus 'Tesus' Folium - City of Markus

    Tesus didn't have to wait long for the meeting to start. Soon, all other knights, Maverick and Caedmon were in the room, the door tightly closed with a psychic barrier. He didn't noticed Joe sitting right next to him, cleaning his wings.

    It appeared that Maverick received the orders today. After hearing the General, Tesus groaned. An another 'enclave'? A city underground? This better be something serious, not a false direction.

    After the speech, many Knights asked multiple questions. Most of them were about with whom and how the search was going to happen. Tesus didn't have any questions for now, but he was eager to explore again. Hopefully, they will find an enclave this time. Tesus smiled as he crossed his legs and watched the ongoing conversation.

    "Isn't that Ribbin, sitting over there?", came a whisper from the right. Tesus quickly turned around, only to notice Joe staring at him. The question was pointed to him. The Staravia slowly pointed its wing to the Weavile, who was intensely watching the discussion. And she seemed to be pissed off.

    "Don't know. Why bother?" Tesus just shrugged. Joe opened his beak to answer, but he seemed to change his mind as he shook his head and muttered 'Never mind'. Tesus raised his brow, noticing that something was wrong about his friend: his blushing face, his panicking eyes, the always twitching talons. He was about to ask what was wrong, but he remembered that this wasn't the right time to ask. Maybe later. Tesus concentrated back on listening to the discussion, making a mental note of getting Joe spill out his 'troubles' after the meeting.
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