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    Miharu was sitting on Haku, surfing. They had been traveling to the island the Pokemon Trainer Academy for a few hours now. Luckily, Haku had been used to long travels, otherwise they would be stranded in the middle of the ocean. Miharu patted Haku's back.

    "I'm sure you're tired," Miharu said. "I think I read something about an icy plains or something of the sort. Want to rest there when we arrive? I'm pretty sure that we won't have to start right away."

    Haku turned her head around and nodded, answering happily.

    With that settled, they continued to surf. After a little bit, Miharu and Haku could see some land on the horizon.

    "I'm pretty sure that's the island," said Miharu. She suddenly grinned. "Oh, I can't wait to annoy the little kiddies!"

    Haku smiled politely at the weirdness of her trainer. She was used to it.


    After dropping Haku off at the Icy Plains, Miharu ended up roaming around, trying to find Gary's office. Miharu make a clicking noise with her tongue. She was currently passing through a rock battlefield. Miharu smirked. Maybe for the first day of classes, she would battle any volunteers and some non-volunteers, just to get a general grasp at their battling skills.

    After passing through the battlefields, she was still lost. Miharu wished that they at least had a map. Traveling around was easy, take a path and continue to go down it. A vast island like this wasn't so easy.


    Miharu turned around and saw Cynthia smiling behind her.

    "Cyn-chan!" Miharu exclaimed happily. The two friends hugged each other.

    "What are you doing here?" asked Cynthia when the two broke apart. "I don't think you'd be a student here."

    "Then you thought correctly!" said Miharu. "I'm a teacher here!"

    "Those poor children," Cynthia shook her head.

    Miharu pouted and grabbed her heart. "Alas! My heart...tis broken!"

    "Exactly my point," Cynthia said dryly.

    Miharu mock-sniffled. "Anyways, can you direct me to Professor Oak's office?"

    "You're standing right in front of it," said Cynthia.

    Miharu blinked, looked at the plague that read "Professor Gary Oak", and glanced back at Cynthia. "What do you know? I am!"

    Cynthia nodded. "What are you going to teach?"

    Miharu smiled mischievously. "What do you think?"

    "We're going to have kids run around acting insane, aren't we?" asked Cynthia. She shook her head. "What was Professor Oak thinking, asking you to teach?"

    "I can be a good teacher!" Miharu protested. After a few moments, she tilted her head. "Well, if the kids don't make me mad, of course. Then again, I shall be the sadistic teacher that everyone hates!"

    "Have fun with that," said Cynthia dryly. "You still haven't answered my question."

    "You know my tactics, right?" asked Miharu, smirking.

    Cynthia, who was well aware of Miharu's tactics after battling her for so long, winced. "Those trees will never be the same. Please don't tell me you're teaching them those kind of tactics."

    "Well, not with superpowered moves since I'm sure their moves are fairly basic," said Miharu thoughtfully. "Maybe using those basic moves to their advantage. Plus, you've never seen me become ruthless in a battle."

    "No, remember-"

    "Ah, yes, never mind," Miharu stated. "I may or may not teach those kinds of tactics to them. Maybe only to those people who exclude the ruthlessness needed."

    "That's what we need, students creating caverns on an island," said Cynthia dryly.

    Miharu shrugged. "I said maybe. I saw quite a lot of battlegrounds here."

    "Want to battle after you talk to Professor Oak?" asked Cynthia.

    "Yes, I still owe you from last time," Miharu scowled.

    "What is it, 562 to 560 in my favour?" Cynthia smirked.

    "I'll defeat you today!" Miharu exclaimed. "Just wait 'til I get out Professor Oak's office! Which battleground?"

    "Would you be able to find your way there?" Cynthia asked dryly.

    Miharu paused. "Never mind, wait here."

    Miharu walked into Professor Oak's office without knocking.

    ((OOC: I hope it's okay if I bunny Cynthia, Yellow. If you want to bunny Professor Gary Oak, go ahead. xD))
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