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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
In my opinion this train of thought is actually quite dangerous - you are saying genetic mutations are driven by sin? So things like Cancer, etc. are all because the individual, or humans as a whole, are sinful?
...yes. Humans were supposed to live forever when God initially designed us. When we sinned, we lost that gift. So I'm guessing that from there we continually started getting a lower lifespan. Diseases, though, aren't because of that, diseases are just genetically developing bacteria. Like AIDs. not anything from that. But our immune system is probably deteriorating, kind of a result of our lifespans lowering. And Adam was the epitome of Human DNA, the perfect DNA strand. As humans progress, DNA replication malfunctions accumulate and cause mutations, leading to the Human DNA continually deteriorating.

Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
"I don't pretend to say I know exactly what God wants, but I think I am saying what he wants right here."

Read as: "I don't know what God wants, but I'd guess it's exactly how I feel - and so I'll condemn you in his name."
Not what I meant. I meant, here's what I think, and I in no way am trying to say this is exactly what god wants. Sorry if that come out wrong.

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
But even just 100 years ago people didn't live nearly as long as they do today. We've got tons of documents are records showing that people are gradually living longer as time goes by, not the other way around. Perhaps genetic diseases aren't becoming more frequent, just our ability to detect them and the fact that people aren't dying as early and so diseases have more time to manifest themselves. In other words, you wouldn't know if there were a lot of genetic diseases from a long time ago because people wouldn't know what to look for and lots of people who had them could easily have died from war, malnutrition, etc. before their conditions had a chance to show. I'd say it's a hard case to make that people are "spiraling downwards."
Human 'medical science' has basically been avoiding death. Smallpox has been pretty much destroyed. Polio etc are virtually non existent in Western countries. 100 years ago, we didn't have the medical expertise we have now. But, should we take medicine out of the equation, I'm sure we'll see the same pattern of decreasing life expectancies. the book 'The Long Emergency', by Kunstler, is basically forecasting this. When oil runs out, we won't be able to produce medicine by the vast quantities we do now anymore, and disease will start to go rampant. Its thanks to modern medicine that we are where we are now. If medicine stayed stagnant, we would probably be dying out a heck of a lot quicker.

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
And if we're not, then you can't really say that homosexuality is part of that non-existent downward trend. No connection between homosexuality and sin. So why should homosexuals have to stay abstinent any more than anyone else?
I take that back then. All of you have overwhelmed me . At the moment, I have no concrete reason I could tell you except gut instinct, and that won't count here.

Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
Why would we want to? (I'm both Gay and Christian btw.) If God supposedly gave us free will, then why has he laid out this mandate that we must love who he tells us to love? If I have to love the opposite sex to get into heaven, why can't I choose to be a girl then? And why would he care for that matter? I have never heard any reason that being Gay is bad other than "God said so." (Which he didn't.) That's just not good enough for me.
I have no reason at the moment... like I said above, I only have gut instinct. Which doesn't count as much, really, since you could say the same . I retreat from the homosexuality front; I can't really argue there anymore. Not until I have a good think over it.