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    Okay, just to keep the thread alive. The only reason for why I did not post in the thread for a long time is because I got basically nothing post. School's being annoying but who cares.

    New topic: Did you did anything crazy related to Team Rocket like creating an all Team Rocket team or simply name after your character to somebody in Team Rocket?

    I tried to raise an all Team Rocket team, but I failed miserably because you are fighting team rocket (especially in R/B/Y, G/S, FR/LG HG/SS) in the games and because of that, I find it weird to make an all Team Rocket team. They should really make a game, based on Team Rocket's view in the Pokemon World where you come in as a new recruit and you slowly rise your way up through the ranks in the organisation and you slowly achieved world domination by defeating the Champion who tried to slop you. That would be awesome.