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After the initial shock and shudder from Reggie, Al’ happily munched on another couple of berries, floating around the bush quite lazily. After a short while, he moved back to slip into the crown of a tree, lying down on a branch on his stomach, peering down at Reggie who seemed to be deep in thought.

“Hey Fog, what do you think he’s thinking about..?” Al’ said, tilting his head a little to the side. “What? Oh, he’s probably just talking to his spirit… boring! I had expected stuff to –happen-! And to get more food out of it than just a couple of berries… even though they were tasty~”

Al’ rolled his eyes faintly. Fog was always trying to get some kind of action, no matter what it was. And if not, he wanted food. It was good to be fused with a ghost Pokémon. Both due to being able to float around and even move through solid objects or turn invisible, as well as being able to get nourishment from eating dreams, rather than food, if he had to. Al’ did however prefer some tangible food like plants or berries, since it filled him slightly more than dreams.

“Graaarh, this is taking too long! Let’s go find someone else to bug and we might get something out of them~”
Al’ frowned slightly. “But we told him we’d come along and help him out with what he was doing.”
“Well, -technically-, we only told him we’d stick around for a while, riiiight?”
“… Yeah.”
“And that we could leave whenever we wanted to~?”
Al’ stayed silent, but his thoughts were still there. Fog had been right, and as nice as Reggie seemed, it –was- starting to get a little boring. Whether these thoughts were his own or spurred on by Fog is unsure, even to Al’.

“Good! Now let’s get out of here and see what we can find!~”
Al’ reluctantly agreed and slipped backwards on the branch, eventually slipping through the trunk itself with a last look at Reggie starting to pick berries again. He moved through the tree and floated down near the ground before flying off into the forest at a slightly higher speed, enjoying the wind from the rush brushing against his face and moving through his hair.

He quite quickly forgot everything about Reggie and simply enjoyed moving through the forest, his flight slowing to a slow hovering through the undergrowth while he hummed to himself. “See~? This is a lot better! Though I still want something to happen…” Fog mumbled, though his mind clearly showed how cheerful he always was.

“Yeah, I guess so~ you’ve always been good at deciding what to do!” Al’ thought back to him as he continued to float along, lowering his feet to tap the nose of his sneakers against the ground for a few moments before lifting them again.

He suddenly came to a stop, having spotted something in a tree a slight bit away, and began making his way towards it. It had looked like a glimmer of white between the trees. Eventually, he came to the bottom of a large tree, something white dangling off the side of a branch. Al’ tilted his head to the side, looking at it.
It looked like some kind of cloth that was stuck in the tree. It was time to investigate. He slowly set off from the ground, hovering with his legs bent behind him, slowly circling around the branch while peering upwards.

Eventually, he moved above the branch, his eyes widening slightly at seeing a girl half-lying, half-sitting on the branch, in a white dress with a straw hat covering her head, clearly being fast asleep. Al’ hung there for a moment, taken aback by this apparently sudden appearance of a girl who was most likely a spirit wielder from the way she looked.

“Ohooo, what’s thiiiiis~?” Fog chimed in. “Looks like –someone- is having a bit of a snooze! It’d be a terrible shame if she were to suddenly wake up, wouldn’t it…?~”

Al’ held still for a moment, still taking in the girl’s appearance before breaking into his usual grin. “Oh, it would~” he thought to Fog who pulled off a little cackle in his mind, causing Al’ to smirk even wider. He floated closer, moving around her at a good distance, trying to determine what to do, lifting a hand to run through the spiky hair on his head, shooting backwards and slightly up, down and to the sides on his head.

“Hmmmh…” after a few moments of thinking, he decided to go for a rather simplistic approach, moving up above her as he slowly turned upside-down, grinning to himself. This was going to be good. He picked her hat off of her head and placed it on his own, holding it there with a hand as he slowly sank down, his face only a hand’s length from hers as he reached out with a hand and poked her nose.

Eventually, she would open her eyes and he would grin toothily at her, purposely widening his eyes a little and changing his voice, courtesy of Fog, who almost couldn’t stop snickering to himself, to a rather shrill and very creepy voice. “Hiiii~”
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