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Can I be a Scarer too? :D

Name: Ezekiel Prince

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Nickname: Zeke

Snake type: Black Mamba.

Powers: Zeke, like the Black Mamba, travels at an exceptional speed. Although earthbound, this speed allows him to jump great distances and attack before his enemies can brace themselves. This stealth is added to by Zeke’s Disillusionment ability, which allows him to blend into his surroundings. This isn’t full invisibility and he can be spotted if efficient vigilance is taken, but Zeke can become somewhat ‘camouflaged’ against a background, as if he were translucent.
Zeke’s greatest power is his ability to conjure up energy. Zeke can blast of energy from his person, whether as ‘balls’ or as powerful bursts. He can also transfer and feed off other energy sources such as electricity, but he does tend to ‘power down’ quickly. This power is hard to control, and has caused Zeke problems in the past.

Appearance: Zeke, to his discontent, has adopted physical attributes from his animal DNA that make him incredibly conspicuous. Zeke is tall at 6’2’’ and incredibly slim, with a long, sloping gait. His movements are fluid and graceful, whether in battle or simply walking the streets. Zeke has straight, shoulder-length black hair and a narrow, pointed face. His eyes are a pure, glittering black, and the iris fills the entire eye. Just like the Black Mamba, the inside of Zeke’s mouth is inky black, and his fangs are proteroglyphous, meaning that they aren’t retractable.
In an attempt to embrace his physical abnormalities, Zeke will dress smartly in black. He wears black skinny jeans, a slim-fitting white shirt and a black waistcoat and tie. On his feet he wears pointed black shoes, and he will often wear black fingerless gloves to prevent damaging his hands when exerting his power.

Personality: If you were looking to describe Zeke in one, simple word, that word would be ‘cold’. Zeke doesn’t do friends, and considers compassion a weakness above all others. As much as Zeke hates his enemies, he would not think twice about screwing over another Scarer if the situation demanded it. It’s not as if Zeke doesn’t have a heart, he just thinks it works better at pumping blood than making decisions. Zeke doesn’t really like to bond with anyone, but he’s not afraid to use other people for his own personal gain. Because of his unusual appearance, Zeke tries to avoid going out in public with non-mutants, making him something of a recluse. He has adopted many behavioural traits of the Black Mamba, including its fearless aggression and tenacity.

Flaws: Zeke, although he would never admit it, has very low self-esteem, born out of his insecurities concerning his appearance. His reclusive nature means that he does not know how to communicate in any way other than through spite and anger. Zeke is paranoid that he is being mocked, and will take any insult extremely personally, meaning that he cannot take any joke made at his own expense. Zeke will stubbornly hold on his belief that ‘friendship is weakness’, and will become increasingly hostile to anybody who wears their heart on their sleeve.

Perfections: Zeke has a venomous (if you pardon the pun) tongue; his words alone can slice through his less secure enemies. Being so insecure himself means that he can pick up on the weaknesses of his opponents and exploit them. He is also proud to have one of the most rapid-acting poisons at his disposal; one small dose of Black Mamba venom has been known to kill a human in less than 15 minutes and without treatment, survival after three hours is unheard of. Zeke’s venom is capable of taking down an adult elephant. Zeke is cunning and sharp minded, and can think fast on his feet in a heated situation.

Likes: Zeke, vengeful and bitter, likes to kill for fun. He doesn’t really like much else, although he does enjoy listening to white noise when trying to relax.

Dislikes: Ironically, Zeke was never a big fan of snakes. He has an irrational hatred and jealousy of people with ‘normal’ lives, and is irritated by any sort of authority. He hates to lose, and hates being looked or stared at.

History: The Princes were an upper-working class family, living in California. Zeke was an only child of two strict workaholics, neither of which had much time for their son. Zeke grew fed up of being alone, and often threatened to move away. He would ditch school and throw tantrums, trying to get the attention he desperately craved, but it was to no avail.
One day, Zeke had stayed home from school when a lovely young man came to his door. Zeke and the man talked for hours about everything and anything, and Zeke thrived off the attention. Eventually the man got up to leave, and Zeke begged to go with him. When the young man agreed, Zeke didn’t bother to pack his things; he got straight into the car waiting outside, while the young man talked to him about a wonderful place called The School...

Zeke was eight years old when he was taken in by the White-Coats. They didn’t hesitate to start experimenting, and Zeke soon came to realise he’d made a terrible decision. However, despite the pain and humiliation he went through, the White-Coats still gave him more attention than he had ever had at home. He was trained from the day he arrived, growing to hate Gen 127 with their beautiful wings and much more attractive side-effects. With hindsight Zeke wonders whether he was brainwashed to hate all other mutants, but the feeling was far too embedded into him to be undone by a sudden revelation.

On the day of the Gen 127 escape, Zeke was one of the first sent to eliminate them. He certainly was successful, but being in the outside world made him far more insecure than he thought possible. His blackened mouth and eyes made him appear like a demon to civilians, and so most of his time was spent travelling under the cover of darkness, only instilling fear in those he wished to.

Zeke only visited his parents once after his escape. It had appeared that they had been searching for him since his disappearance, and so he had expected a warm embrace like he'd never encountered from his parents. The reality was far worse than he'd imagined. Rather than being pleased to see their son, the Princes recoiled in terror at his immovable snake fangs, his demonic eyes and his deep black mouth. His mother broke down in tears while his father bellowed that he should never cast a shadow on their doorstep again. Turning his grief into anger and motivation, Zeke left the house in the suburbs and hunted the missing mutants for blood and misplaced revenge.

Other: Zeke sometimes eats birds and small mammals, as weird as that sounds. He usually cooks them first and everything, but still.

RP Sample: I already gave two RP samples in my first SU, do I need another?
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