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The shining of the sun through the curtains causes Alexander Becker to stir out of his sleep. He opened his eyes only to the familiar sight of the room around him. It was a single apartment, with a sort of 'living' room, as well as a kitchen connected adjacent to it, and a bathroom close by. In another small room was the bedroom, but it was thus far empty. His bed that he ordered had not yet arrived that he ordered, forcing him to sleep on his lumpy couch. This only added to the pain he was in. Alexander had recently broken his arms in a freak accident whilst exiting the boat to Pokemon Trainer Academy. He had since then been on what he announced to the school as "sick" leave, allowing him to recover quietly in Oak Town until he was fit to teach. Today, Alexander was excited, because he had finally gotten his braces removed last night, and was finally able to begin teaching.

Alexander searched the nearby coffee table for his glasses, the usual spot he leaves them before going to sleep, whenever he doesn't forget to take them off, that is. He placed them on the usual position of halfway on this nose, and stood up. He decided he would take extra time today to make sure he was squeaky clean. He wouldn't, after all, want his students to feel he was a bum, not to mention other faculty. After a quick hop into the shower, Alex did all his necessities, and clothed himself in his usual, professional looking black attire. Grabbing his texts, he raced out the door, prepared to teach the young minds of Pokemon Trainer Academy all about his topic of interest.

As his eyes adjusted to the brightness of the outdoors, his gaze fixated on the enormous Pokemon Trainer Academy in the distance. He smiled, and began to head through Oak Town on his way over. About halfway through the town, Alex realized there would be no feasible way for him to find his way there because of the enormity of the island, and because he had never actually gone this way before. He began trying to acquire a map of the town. To everyone he asked, they either continued on his way, ignoring him, or simply stated no. Eventually, a shady-looking man in his mid-thirties spoke to Alexander from the end of an alley.

"Hey, you!" The man said. Alexander turned and looked at him, then around wondering if he was talking to him, or someone around him. Alexander pointed to himself and mouthed "me?" to the man, who responded with a nod. "Yea, you!" Alexander approached the man. "I hear ya been looking for a map o' this place. I happen to have the only map in the entire island."

"Oh, wonderful!" Alexander said with delight, a smile coming over his face. " much would said map be worth?" Alex asked. The shady man smiled as well, as he contemplated at the moment. "Well, you see mister, this map happens to be the only one of its kind in all of the island, so it ain't cheap, ya know? I'm gonna say....10,000 Pokédollars." Alexander looked at him, stunned. "10,000!? But...that's so much...." The shady guy put away the map, and appeared to begin to leave. "Well, if ya don't want it...I'll jes be going. Jes lettin' you know, I'll have dis sold in another ten minutes."

Alexander thought for a moment, then called back for the man. "Wait! Alright, I'll take it!" Alexander said, grabbing through his wallet for the money. The exchange was made, and the shady man spoke once more before bolting for the alley. "Hehehe...pleasure doin' business wit you."

Alexander waved a goodbye to the nice man, and proceeded back on his way to Pokemon Trainer Academy. Alexander opened the map and began deciphering. Little did he know, however, that on the back of the map said the big letters, "Map of the Kin Island"...

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