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Valorie Ryder

Valorie's punch was rather pathetic. She didn't really understand that she could do so much more. She just considered herself weak. Regardless, the teacher herself walked over and... told Valorie she didn't have to continue. Valorie met Ash's gaze and noticed it looked very odd, but she couldn't figure out why. At first this seemed like a good thing. However after a moment she began to question it. Did the teacher have no faith in her? Was that it? Was she that bad? She felt a bit insulted. Being bad at things didn't work for her. It also really didn't help when Ruby called her insecure. Ruby may not have physically hit her but those words had been like a strike from out of nowhere straight to the weakspot for massive damage. Valorie emotionally fumbled as she attempted to get over what had just been said to her. Insecure? /Insecure/? How did she know? Valorie didn't like to think of herself as insecure. She had enough self-image issues. However, what had followed had reinforced what had been said. Valorie silently found herself considering the fact that... she just didn't trust people to be nice to her.

Cue /angst/.

Perhaps it was the fact that she couldn't lose a battle without getting upset and angry. Perhaps it was the fact that she felt the need to prove herself to everyone over every little thing, giving her the appearance of needing to feel better than others, but Valorie had come to know people as seeing her in a poor light. At leats, she had until she came to the academy. For some reason a good portion of people reached out to her.


A burst of foreign and familiar emotions alike filled Valorie as her mind drifted to Selene during her moment of weakness. For a moment her breath was stolen and she failed to react. After that she... actually found that she'd lost the drive to continue and moved over to the side of the room, sitting down and hugging her knees to her chest. A mildly frustrated look was on her face, but her feelings were actually less frustrated and more depressed. Where was Selene anyway? She didn't know, but she already missed her friend. More importantly, she didn't know what Selene would've thought of the way she was acting. Watching Valorie try to hit someone was about as pathetic as it got, and she couldn't convince herself to keep trying. What did that say? What did it mean? Valorie found herself desperately yearning for fresh air, for the familiar feel of training. She needed to take her mind off things. For the time being she hid this from the others though, unwilling to draw attention to herself.

Olivia Wolf

Olivia listened to Kenshin and promptly interjected.

"Well... you don't /have/ to."

She seemed to shrug lightly, making it out to be no big deal. A rather loud roar interrupted them though. All logic said at least a thousand ear drums must be broken from wherever that roar came from, but what did she know about that? Olivia flinched and looked around in a startled manner before being abruptly clinged to by another human being. Olivia promptly felt herself lose her balance and cried out as she toppled over, effectively tackled by Kenshin. Toppling onto her back she hit her head on the ground and just sort of laid there, unable to get up. A brief light groan emitted from her mouth and she placed one hand on Kenshin, though in hindsight she didn't know why.


Elizabeth hesitated for a moment, taken by surprise by Austin's question. Of course, most questions took her by surprise. She didn't know what to expect. She honestly didn't know the answer to his question. Or rather, she actually had an answer but it would probably raise more questions than it answered. Despite this, she felt obligated. She was after all here to teach, not to be lazy right?

"Um... We don't... know how to create them over here..."

Once again she'd spoken a bit oddly, more than usual though. The phrase 'over here' had been used. Was that to imply that somewhere someone knew how? More importantly, if these balls were so effective, why hadn't scientists figured out how to reverse engineer it yet? Maybe because these were the only working balls of their kind. Maybe because magic was involved making it beyond the scope of traditional reverse engineering. Who was to say when you got this far into history? More importantly, if people no longer knew how to create these balls, how did Elizabeth have one?

"There a-are also ancient...pokeballs that... don't look like pokeballs."

Elizabeth attempted to recall imagery, but pokeballs of the type she was discussing were honestly past the time she'd actually been alive to witness.

"They didn't even...o-open. They... contained pokemon with"

The word energy rolled off her tongue extremely awkwardly as if she had trouble saying it.

"The pokeballs...-- The ones we use here are...-- They are our... attempts to recreate these objects with... technology."

The word technology also rolled off Elizabeth's tongue awkwardly, this time with an actual hint of venom in her tone. It might seem to the observant that Elizabeth wasn't too fond of modern pokeballs. Was she some sort of weird hipster? That would explain the outfit anyway. Cue MacKenzie being a hipster before it was cool.


Hilda glanced at Alice thoughtfully. The answer seemed obvious to her, but perhaps she needed to explain.

"Well, first we need to actually get into the swamp. Then it's time to search around--"

A roar pierced the air. Hilda stopped what she was doing and looked up into the sky as if looking for something, a mildly serious look on her face. She knew whom that roar belonged to, though she hadn't expected to hear it here. She knew N was at the academy, but she hadn't realized he had brought Zekrom along, nor would she have expected him to let the pokemon startle everyone for miles in such a manner. Perhaps he was batttling? That would make a bit more sense, or perhaps he simply didn't keep much of a leash on his pokemon so to speak. She personally didn't see anything wrong with teaching a pokemon good behavior, after all people taught their own children not to scream at people, however she knew that N was... strange.

She did not however have the time to figure out what was going on. She had a class to teach. Turning to the students she moved to explain.

"Iii have a pretty good idea of who that was. Let's not worry about it."

Turning her gaze back to Alice and placing her hands on her hips she resumed answering the question she'd been asked.

"Most of what we'll be doing is making sure we don't get lost and dealing with any particularly brave wild pokemon that decide you'd make a great lunch."

Hilda took a brief moment to wink at Alice, showing that she honestly wasn't very concerned. To be frank, yeah a pokemon could sneak up on and gobble up a student in a mere moment, but these were the pokemon that just enveloped their prey whole, so it wasn't like it was a death sentence. Besides that was why they had pokemon around, to make it virtually impossible for someone to get seriously hurt by such tactics.

"I'll also be explaining a few things about the swamplands as we go around and talking about the pokemon who live here. A lot of them aren't very friendly, but you may find them interesting~"

That being said, Hilda proceeded to start walking again, this time further into the swamplands.

"So let's get moving!~"

As they walked further in, students would most likely notice the ground become softer as the moisture levels increased in proximity to water. It was clear that the climate was different, and before long students would be able to see pools of water around, though Hilda took care to avoid them as it was still possible to easily walk around.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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