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    so I would first like to say that am not here very often and I don't know how it goes here... so if I doing something wrong, I apologize. I hope I can put here modification of sounds for RMXP Pokemon games.

    And now to the point ...
    It's a modification (complete replacement) of sounds and maybe even music in the Pokémon games made in RMXP.
    Those nasty screeching, creaking and whistling sounds from the Game Boy are replaced with Pokemon voices from the anime.
    Simply put, Pikachu will not do a strange sound known from GB and GBA, but it normally says "Pikachu".
    Later will gradually be replaced also other sound effects (eg, Pokeball, etc.)

    Originally I did this for myself. But I thought maybe someone would like to use these sounds in his game or the game he playing.

    This is just the very first version. Lots of sounds (voices) are still missing or are in a lower quality. I will continue to improve this "my project". If someone want help me with some pokemon voices, I will be very very happy.
    And if anyone know how to simply replace the sounds in the GBA hack games, I'll be glad to let me know how.

    Well, this is really great! When I put a link here, this appeared to me: "You are only Allowed to post URLs to other sites after you have made ​​15 postsor more." I don't have time for this!!!
    But it works without that http...

    Kanto Pokémon Voices: 90%
    Johto Pokémon Voices: approximately 40% (still adding new)
    Hoenn Pokémon Voices: approximately 30% (still adding new)
    Sinnoh Pokémon Voices: approximately 25% (still adding new)
    Unova Pokémon Voices: 55%
    Other sound effects: 1% (just pokeball sound effect)
    Music (not sure yet): 0%

    You can comment on this.
    You can help with this.
    If you know how to remove background music from some voices, it would be good.
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