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    Hey there,
    I just started to play this hack and I really like it! I'm recently in the second town and I have chosen the Ukulele Pichu as Starter.
    As far I have only one thing to criticize, on the first road at night, the only Pokemon is a HootHoot. Since I mainly play at night and fighting against the same Pokemon over and over sucks. But in order to move further I had to level my pichu, the magnemite always killed me. I think you should add some other Pokemon in this region at night.

    And I also found a bug, I guess. When you are in the torn world the second time (after you speak with this old man in the second town) and you have to jump from platform to platform, there is this Item on a very small floating Island (2x2). When you jump on this island you can't jump back and you are trapped.

    (Sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany and suck at languages in general. :D )