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    Maxwell briefly turned his head as someone posed him a question. Seems like it was Gen, he seemed amazed by the fact that Maxwell just had smashed his freaking pickaxe into the rock without breaking it.

    "Well, I wouldn't call myself a great-force-deployer-majiggy. But U would say that I'm kind of a klutz with bad luck sometimes..." he said with a nervous laugh. Maxwell now turned to Byron, the purple-haired man had a certain gleam in his eye and a smile meaning trouble. Well, at least for Maxwell. He swallowed hard as the man asked him a question, although it seemed retorical, Maxwell decided to answer it anyway.

    "Well, regarding the current situation I'm in... Yes, yes I am pretty good at messing up. That's one of the reasons I have my Pokémon, they keep track of me!" he said and gently stroked the fur on Slackey's back. The Slakoth gave of a sound meaning that he was feeling like a prince, as always.

    Byron's next words were a bit more frightening than his previous ones. The low, cold tone of his words crept underneath Maxwell's skin and slowly started to make their way down his back. Not the best feeling in the world, but he would be able to manage it. With an "Aye, Aye Sir!" the young trainer took the pickaxe and tried to pull out the stone. Unfortunetaly, the rock wouldn't budge. He tried again, yielding the exact same result. Now Maxwell was getting a bit nervous, it would be even worse if he couldn't get the rock out and smash it properly... Then, he felt something knock gently on his head. It was of course Slackey.

    "Sla, slaaa..."[Hey Maxwell, lemme handle this...] he said looking his trainer deep in the eyes. His tired ones interlocking with Maxwell's awake ones in some form of understanding.

    "I understand. Welp, do what you gotta do!" Maxwell smiled at Slackey, giving him a thumbs up. The sloth-Pokémon nodded and jumped down from the young trainer's head, landing somewhat gracefully on the teacher's desk. He gripped the pickaxe Maxwell was holing and began to tug it, the brown-haired boy released the tool and left it all to his Slakoth. Now, despite his size, Slackey is a strong Pokémon even though he's too lazy to show it. So the pickaxe was almost no problem for him to lift, it was a bit heavier than expected, so he kinda wobbled a bit while holding it in the air.

    Suddenly, as Slackey was about to bring the pickaxe down, the sky darkened. Black, omnious clouds started forming, almost blocking the sun completely. Lightningbolts could be heard crashing in the background, it was almost like a classical horror-movie. Like "Frankenstein's Monster" or something like that. Then there was the roar. Maxwell flinched a bit as a ground-shaking roar could be heard, it probably came from the same thing causing this heavy weather. There was some Pokémon that came to Maxwell's mind when this happened, there was Zapdos, Raikou, Thundurus and of course Zekrom. Now which one of these could it be?

    Right as Maxwell thought that, a burst of white light appeared next to him. One ofhis Pokéballs had been opened? Strange. Anyway, the one who had "escaped" was actually Katam! The little Tympole flopped around the floor in a paniced matter, his face showing nothing but true fear.

    "Katam, what's wrong?!" Maxwell exclaimed,

    "Ty-Ty-Ty......mmpo...ty...."[] he said, but quieted down. Almost immideatly after, Katam fainted out of pure shock.

    Maxwell hurried to his Tympole and quickly picked the creature up in his arms. Slightly patting Katam's cheek, he told him to get it together and wake up! Among all this commotion, Slackey had accidentally dropped the pickaxe out of sheer shock. What the hell did just happen?! The pickaxe hit the floor with a loud smash, conviniently splitting it in the middle.
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