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    "A lost kid?" Thyme echoed, staring at the Sableye. That sounded bad. She was right, she definitely needed to stick around. She nodded and slipped her hand into his and smiled. There was no way he was going to get rid of her now.

    "Yes. We can catch up later... But first, this needs to be dealt with. Let's find the kid and get the heck out of this place." she said with a grin.


    Nova growled and lunged again. He yelped as he felt the Thunder Fang graze his shoulder and tried to fall back, but found his legs were paralized. His father darted back and growled before charging at him. He heard Vulpix shouting, telling him to get out of the way, and focused his power, sending an illusory copy of himself bolting to the right while he went left. He slid to a halt then charged at the Arcanine with Facade. He saw his father dart back after getting hit and open his mouth to Roar at Nova.

    "Oh shut up!" Nova said, diving into the ground before his father could utter a sound. He flew out of the ground and slammed into his opponent's stomach. The Arcanine fell to the groun d and groaned, and the fire stone slid out of his mane. Nova walked over to it, panting heavily, and the pack stopped barking at him and fell into a hushed silence. Nova bent down and picked up the stone.

    "Let's go Vulpix." he said as he walked away. No one stopped him as he headed out of the area, followed by his pack, such as it was.

    "Growlithe! Son!" the arcanine said, getting to his feet. Nova dropped the fire stone and spun around and growled at his father.

    "My name is NOVA! I have a trainer, and he's a great hiuman. I have no intention of running your pack or even coming up here again unless he wants to come. I have my own life, my own destiny. I won't protect a pack that doesn't need me, and Brian's pack does, so shut up and stop wanting me to take over for you!" Nova shouted, his wild barks echoing down the volcano. His father chuckled and nodded.

    "I was about to tell you that if you wanted to, you could. But I see you have a better purpose to use that power. Go, and live proud of your choices, because they are good ones." the arcanine said. Nova nodded and wagged his tail a little.

    "Heh, guess I over reacted. Thanks dad. I may see you around. Come on Vulpix, let's get out of here." Nova said, turning a picking up the fire stone and walking away. Vulpix nodded and darted after him.


    Bri picked up his new jacket and slid it on after iving the older one back. He grinned and nodded at Sapphire.

    "Yup! We are! And there are lots of places to find pokemon. When I first got here, my Snivy was my only pokemon. Now I have a bunch! You can catch them all over the place!" he said, snatching Duster's pokeball off of his belt. He tossed it to the ground and revealed the Minccino, who grinned.

    "Hi!" she said happily, and Sprinkles hopped to the ground and sat down, yawning boredly.

    "This is Duster! I caught her right over in that field! So they are everywhere!" he said, grinning nervously at Sapphire. Now he was beginning to feel like he was talking too much. He hoped he wasn't bugging her any.


    Quin pulled a flashlight out of his bag and clicked it on. A great deal of pokemon scurried away from the light. Ezar looked about curiously and Quin stepped out into the hall. He heard a faint growling that made the hair on his neck stand on end, but ignored it. He walked into the next room and saw a young Minun sitting in the corner, watching him.

    "Hey little buddy!" he said with a smile. The minun smiled and his ears flopped up. His little cheeks sparked and he winced a bit. Quin set Ezar down and picked the minun up, who shivered. His tail was cut, and he looked bruised a little bit.

    "Hey, you ok buddy?" he asked, taking out a potion and spraying the minun, who jerked in shock.

    "Mai mai!" he shouted. Quin barely had time to react when something small slammed into his back. He clutched the Minun and rolled on the ground. Ezar growled and swiped at the red and yellow shape, who leapt back. Minun looked shocked again and looked at his tail, which had healed. Then he leapt out of Quin's arms and stood with Ezar, staring down the plusle.

    "Mai mai!" he said, and the Plusle cocked her head at him.

    "Plai?" she said after a moment.

    "Sand! Sandshrew!" Ezar shouted, waving her arms about angrily. Plusle looked emberrassed, and she grabbed Minun and ran into the darkness.


    Draco looked up at the girl that had entered the Daycare Center and gave her a quizzical look. He stood up and patted Killita, who looked at the girl with a friendly look on her face.

    "You don't know where you're supposed to be?" he said after a moment, crossing his arms over his chest and giving her a small, sad, and condescending smile.

    "Very well. I'll take you to the Academy. It's not too far from here. I'm Draco, and you are?" he said, remembering that Lance had specifically asked him to be nice to students.He leaned his head out the back door and bellowed for Rena. The Dragonaire floated inside and looked at him curiously.

    "Watch the store," he said, walking out from around the counter, returning Killita, who yawned lazily.
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