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Name: Temple Veleno

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Gym Type: Poison


Seviper "Biscia"
Lvl 26

Poison Tail, Dig, Crunch, Glare, Haze

Arbok "Serpe"
Lvl 25

Crunch, Scary Face, Poison Sting, Screech

Scolipede "Verme"
Lvl 28

Poison Jab, Bug Bite, Bulldoze, Spikes, Double Edge

Nidoking "Monarco"
Lvl 31

Poison Jab,Smack Down,Earthquake, Swagger, Giga Impact

Appearance: Standing in at 5"11" Temple is one intimidating guy.He's slender, with scars running all up his arms but only hidden by his full sleeves of tattoos depicting death. Purple hair with liberty spiked Mohawk, he's the classic definition of a punk.

His skin is pale, eyes a wild purple. Black skinny jeans show how thin his legs are with a belt with his badge emblem enlarged as a buckle (jolly roger skull and bones). A purple leather jacket one size to small with no shirt under exposes more tattoos across his chest of his two snake pokemon intertwined. He wears a heavy chained necklaced hiding what seems to be scars on his neck. He also wears an electric bass on his back


A wild and loud person, he's eccentric and friendly. Although being a gym leader he tends to stray away from his gym, being rebellious to the set rules he would traverse the city outskirts to try to unofficially battle people to scout out talent. Of course he stays mostly in his gym, he would prefer to be outside and not boxed in.

In battle, he is mostly rash about his decisions because instead of mapping out a battle, he kind of gos with the flow. This is due mostly to the punk rock pumping through out the gym.


Originally from Veridian City, Temple grew up with only his mother. She always worked late so she never got to take care of him. So his days were spent around his neighborhood, where he and his Nidoran male(Monarco) discovered, punk rock. Through out his early teens Temple was more concerned about playing music than training his pokemon. But a sudden plauge of having to move around because of his mother's job, they made stops all over of the regions adding to his pokemon team. And also because of this, he gave up on playing music and just trained with this best friends eventual to his moving out on his own at 16 to travel.

Other: He shreds the bass, and a decent artist in his own right
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