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    Brian smiled nervously and looked around. He turned back to Sapphire and smiled, blushing a bit.

    "W-well, um, did you want to catch a pokemon? Or did you want to see more of the school?" he said hesitantly. He grinned and pet Duster, who waved happily at the Cubchoo.

    "Aww, you're just so cute!" she said eagerly. Sprinkles rolled his eyes and shrugged.

    "Not that cute." he said, tired of being ignored. He was going to battle someone today, and he didn't much care who it was. Duster frowned at him, ready to take matters into her own paws when she needed to.

    "Hey! Be nice!" she said to Sprinkles, who's only response was to flick his tail.


    Thyme smiled and climbed to Mark's shoulder. She looked around, still a bit shocked that Mark's shoulder was so much higher than Brian's. Humans grew to all different sizes. She waved down at Snype and smiled.

    "Well, we should still take it seriously." she said after a mmoment, crossing her arms across her chest. She smiled a little and kept a sharp lookout on the environment.


    Nova sat down when he reached he and Vulpix's den. He dropped the Fire Stone and tapped it with his paw. The Growlithe began to emit a powerful white light, and felt himself changing. When the light faded, he was a lot bigger than he was before. His mane was longer, and so was his tail. He was an Arcanine, a bit smaller than his father, but still way bigger than most.
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