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Kat popped the last piece of her Pecha Berry in her mouth and licked her lips. (Not as good as flesh, but definitely sweeter) Candlelight commented. Kat nodded in agreement. "Yep yep!" Kat giggled, and heard something like footsteps. Oh yeah! She did see another girl here earlier. Must be her. Then Kat heard another thing. Like, a bug. From the ceiling. Kat shivered, but walked towards the source.

Kat saw two girls. One was the one from earlier, the other was new. "H-Hello?" Kat heard the girl say. Not to her obviously, so she kept quiet. Eventually, Kat cleared her throat, and tapped on the girl's shoulder. Kat then backed away and asked this. "Hi. Did you guys hear or see anything weird? I felt like I heard a bug. A big bug. Have you seen anything like that? Kat smiled at them. She was acting very nice at the moment. She doubted these girls were a threat.
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