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    Eterna Forest was really relaxing in the day, Aly could fall asleep almost instantly anywhere in it. She usually took the trees, though; putting leaves together made a nice pillow. The girl in question was busy dreaming, not of anything in particular.

    Then something tapped her nose. She twitched it in her sleep, but Sen became alert pretty quickly.

    Honey, wake up. Thankfully, she did. Or maybe not so thankfully. A boy was... wait, he's floating? And upside-down. And barely a few inches from her face.

    And he's wearing my hat. That's what Alessa actually cared about; it wasn't the wide eyes or creepy, toothy smile. It wasn't the boy's purplish skin, nor even the chilling voice he used when he spoke to her.

    "Hi~." Only a couple moments passed by before a Magical Leaf burst in from the side to blow the floating boy away, accompanied by a few rather large stones from Psychic. They didn't fall low enough to damage her hat, either; she wanted to keep that thing intact.

    Tim Korinal

    The armored boy was looking around for any tracks or something that let him see where the adults chased Neil, but it didn't seem like he would find a hint any time soon. With a drop of his head in disappointment, Tim scratched his head and sighed. "Where'd the little dude go off to?"

    Then he heard a voice coming from behind him, and apparently he knew Tim's name. "Neil?" Turning to the source, Tim had to fight the urge to tackle the kid to the ground. Instead he opened his arms and shouted, "Neil! It's been a while! Hm...." He folded his arms back across his chest. "You're a lot greener than you were back in Eterna City." The last time they met was actually just a year or so after they first met, too.

    Neil was a pretty frail little dude; he was never fit for heavy lifting or really strenuous work, but the "bossman" made him do it all anyways. He kept yelling at the kid to toughen up, it was sickening. Then he just plain did something unforgivable; shoving the task of moving large pieces of an old destroyed building onto Neil. Poor kid could barely lift one, and when he dropped it the boss started to attack him for it. He even brought other adults into the one-sided fray. Tim couldn't stand seeing that happen, so he rightly kicked the boss' can, only to be the one abused instead of Neil. Still worth it, Tim kept thinking. He made a friend he'd never forget out of it, and it's great to see the kid could take good care of himself now.

    "So how've you been?"

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