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    Cira & Alex Gaile - Florence, Italy to Boston, England

    They rushed for the main doors, but no way Otto would just blow it open. The train went into a tunnel, and the last light beforehand showed a kind of grin on the girl's face. Then she wrapped the webbing around Cira and Alex.

    "We are taking the fast way," she said, triggering the emergency door button. This webbing is REALLY resilient, it jerked the three out of the train and left them hanging in the tunnel without snapping. Otto asked for the two to wait a moment, not like they really had a choice. *Pop* Something grabbed Alex's foot.

    "Well, hello there! Why don’t we get a move on?" *Pop* And then they were gone.

    The Vatican, Rome, Italy

    They popped up in a well-furnished place, even had a couple art pieces on the walls. Alex, Cira and Otto were met by a groomed man, he couldn't have been over thirty, and he welcomed the father and son. Happily he disintegrated the web tying the two together.

    "Welcome to my home! As dearest Adeline," heh, "must have told you, I am the Librarian, but you can call me James." Cira expected him to be somewhat older-looking.

    "Otto." She corrected the Librarian-- I mean, James, on the name.

    "Yes, yes, that's right. So, drinks, anyone? Food?" He mentioned a Tarte Tatin, which Alex was already dying to have a taste of, and he couldn't resist the offer.

    "I'd love to take you up on that tart," he answered, while his son decided he'd prefer to look around first. Even just in the den, James' home looked amazing.

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