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Havinggrown up in Vermillion, well-known world-wide, or at least nation-wide for itselectric gym as well as Daniel being a huge fan of Lt. Surge had him studyingfar and wide about electric Pokémon, causing him to nod slowly at Oscar, thoughfurrowing his brows.

“That couldbe it… but I’ve never heard of Zapdos being able to create and dismissthunderclouds…” he shrugged a little and nodded agreeingly to what Mark wassaying about the Pokémon definitely being powerful.

Suddenly,Killik spoke up again. "Zekrom is a legendary Pokemon fromUnova. He's a black dragon who sides with a chosen hero. He's alsoelectric." Daniel’s eyes widened a little. A dragon-electric type? If thisPokémon was real and even on this island, Daniel –had- to see it.

“But… that would mean there’s a hero on the islandhere, right? Hrmh…” Daniel decided he wouldn’t think too much about it. It didn’tmake any sense to just think about it. He might just take a look around theacademy later and see if he could figure something out. He then noticed Hildabeginning to move and hurried along to follow with the other boys, Killik nowsuddenly riding on a rather large, blue Pokémon that he didn’t know. He wasstarting to feel small and kind of insignificant in regards to everyone elseand their Pokémon. At least people were nice.

Alexis nodded up at her new friend. “That’s probably avery good way to go about it. Don’t look too much for it, but let it happen byitself.” Len looked very much lost in thought, and Alexis turned her head tosee that the class was starting to move.

Suddenly, she was lifted into the air with a surprisedsqueak. “Eep!” she wriggled for a moment in panic, but quickly relaxed as shewas placed on Len’s back, giggling quietly at him, giving him a little whapwith her paw, though not hard enough to hurt him. “You scared me! Phew…alright, let’s go!” she said, smiling brightly as she held onto him once more.
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