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The silencewas almost piercing. For a couple of moments, they simply stared at each other,Al’s grin never fading. He then began speaking. “So, ar- whoa!” he was swiftlyinterrupted as a magical leaf blasted in from the side and sent him spinningoff to the side, holding firmly onto the hat while he was tossed around.

As thespinning had stopped, he didn’t even have time to get his bearings before acouple of stones began bombarding him, one particularly large one slamming intohis stomach, causing him to cough and wheeze.

“Urk!Alrigh- ow! Ow! Alright, alright, stop it! I’ll be good!” he huffed a little asthe stones stopped attacking him and floated over to the branch again, loweringhimself onto it with crossed legs, clearly still floating, but making it looklike he was sitting rather precariously on the branch.

Hecontinued grinning, slightly less maniacly now and more amusedly as he took offthe hat, gently tossing it over to her. “Feisty one, aren’t you? Sorry forstartling you! Just wanted to see how you reacted to a bit of a scare. Hope itwasn’t too bad~”

Usuallywhen he said this, he didn’t –really- mean it, and only said it to piss peopleoff even more, but for once, he actually meant it a little honestly ifanything, the grin fading down to an amused smile.

“So, what’reyou doing in the forest? Catching a bit of a snooze, huh? It’s lovely weatherfor it, that’s for sure~”
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