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    Lincoln West
    Lincoln stormed his way toward the pokemon center, in a raging mood. All that training, all that effort, and what did he get? What happened? A loss. Just the kind of loss he'd watched his dad suffer through for years. Was that what he could expect, to follow in his fathers footsteps and struggle endlessly for the same crushing defeats time after time?

    I don't want to be my father.

    That thought made him feel guilty, but it was true. As much as Linc loved his dad and admired him, he didn't want to turn out to be the same as his old man. His head was still swimming with thoughts of his loss when he reached the pokemon center and churlishly handed his pokeballs over to the attending nurse. He didn't realise how rude he was being as he asked her to hurry, and paced back and forth for the duration of his wait.

    When the nurse returned his pokeballs to him, with a smile firmly plastered on her face, he clipped them back onto his belt and quickly left, almost colliding with a smartly dressed boy on his way out.

    "Scuse me." He muttered, not really meaning it.

    Nika Valentine
    Nika had to practically jump out of the way in order to not be bowled over by the rather handsome boy leaving the pokemon center. He grumbled something in an angry tone of voice she couldn't quite make out without pausing to check she was okay. In her experience, attractive and athletic people like him were usually fairly inconsiderate of other people. Adjusting her glasses and straightening her cap she carried on. Nothing was going to spoil her mood.

    She had finally found her way out of the forest and made it back to the Academy, her newest pokemon safely nestled in its pokeball. Now she would get it - and her Shelmet - checked over by the nurse and be on her way to spend some quality time with the newest addition to her team.

    "Morning." She said politely to the nurse at the desk, who despite her professional attitude seemed a little off.
    "Good morning, what can I do for you today?"
    "I caught a pokemon a little while ago and would like to get it a check-up. As well as the pokemon I used to battle it."
    "Of course, just set the pokeballs on the tray here. What pokemon are we dealing with?"
    "Sage, a male Shelmet, a newly caught Paras."
    "Lovely, lovely, don't see many of those. And your name?"
    "Nika Valentine."
    "Oh! We've been waiting for you. We were asked to hold onto a delivery for you to see if you dropped by on your first day."
    "A... pardon?"
    "Yes, normally it would stay at the daycare, but they were sure you'd stop by soon, so we said we could hold onto it for just a little while."
    "Daycare? I'm sorry, I really don't understand."
    "You didn't know? Someones sent you an egg!"

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