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    Lincoln West

    "Huh?" Lincoln stopped and looked up from the floor to the young girl in front of him. Had he really been in such an obvious bad mood that someone had just approached him to make sure he was alright? That was embaressing...

    Taking a deep breath he nodded. "Uh, yeah, I'm alright. I just lost a battle and the guy was, like... well... he wasn't that bad actually." Linc grinned sheepishly and shrugged. Sometimes all it took was someone to help you realise how childish you were being. "Aw hell, I guess I just got in a mood. Sore loser, y'know? But thanks for checking I was cool. I'm Linc." He held out his hand, determined to put his foul mood behind him.

    Nika Valentine
    Nika stood at the desk, waiting for the nurse to return with her pokemon and her... egg. Who would have brought her an egg? She didn't know anyone here yet, certainly not anyone who would have entrusted her with an egg. The only person she could even think it could be was her mother. But her mother wasn't speaking with her, and she would never have followed Nika to the island.

    Would she?


    Jackson (Male Shieldon) Lvl 24: Toxic, Sandstorm, Protect, Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dig
    Ability: Sturdy

    Bixi (Female Tirtouga) Lvl 24: Crunch, Aqua Tail, Sandstorm, Ice Beam, Stone Edge, Iron Defense
    Ability: Solid Rock

    Siege (Male Geodude) Lvl 22: Defense Curl, Attract, Rock Polish, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Roll Out
    Ability: Rock Head

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