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Hello!! Youve got a great team here, but let me offer some very minor tweaks.
Samurott: Aqua jet being 40 power is a bit weak, and it has waterfall. Switch aqua jet with Focus Energy, and Megahorn with X-Scissor. X-Scissor has a high Crit Ratio, and abuses Focus energy well, meaning a more powerful combo than Aqua jet and Megahorn.
Jellicent: Taunt is good. But trading it for Hex, allows it to work off of Will-o-Wisp.
Typlosion: Is good
Tyranitar: Switch either Focus Punch or SuperPower with Earthquake so it has a high powered STAB move, and so you dont have two moves that damage of the same type.
Exeggutor: The guy above me got to it first lol
Cryogonol: Light Screen, Hail, Blizzard, Recover <--- this set makes better use of its type.

Hope this was helpful =)

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