Thread: B2/W2: Pokémon Hitchhikers!
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So does anyone think B2/W2 will get us the following Pokémon feature back, like in HG/SS? Or maybe even a single Pokémon like Pikachu in Yellow?
Would you want there to be?

In my opinion, one of my favourite features of HG/SS was the Pokémon followers. It made everything seem so personal and it felt like the Pokémon following me was really my trusty sidekick. I would really love it to return, especially because it was missing in B/W.
I wouldn't mind if B2/W2 weren't direct sequels, and instead were just two improved games, that were simply B/W with altered graphics and following Pokémon, among other things. Actually, what I'm expecting is that, except for Pokémon followers, lol.