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This is my hundredth post, and the thread's 400th post. What are the chances of that? XD;

I like the theme, though the feeling I get from it is the exact opposite of the feeling I was going for when I made Olivia. XD; It's still a kickass song, though. In other news, here's my SU.

Silver Tribe

Name: Cedric Ceffyl

Gender: Male



Pokemon Species:


Cedric is slightly bigger than most Castform, standing at one feet four inches and weighing 2.5lbs. While aside from his slightly different size Cedric appears to be a normal Castform in every sense of the word, a mutation in his genes caused him to be stuck in his Rain form regardless the weather. His Weather Ball is also always a Water-type attack, but its base power is still 50 if it's not raining.

Each Sentinel of the Silver Tribe is renowned for a certain trait that they have that differentiates them from other Sentinels--for example, Frost is known for her cruelty, The Inferno for his destructive power, and Berserker for his raw physical strength. In Cedric's case, it is his determination. He is completely detached from morals and personal pleasure when failure begins to rear its head, and will stoop to any level to accomplish his mission.

Another notable thing about Cedric is his intelligence. He is capable of devising brilliant plans over the span of seconds, and is able to recite nearly all of the Gold Tribe member's names from memory alone (deceased or otherwise), along with their strengths, their weaknesses, and their relationships with other Gold Tribe members. This ingenuity is a key trait in his battle style, as he uses a wide array of moves and types to pick on his opposition's weaknesses.

While Cedric does have his pluses, most people would probably agree that he is a despicable person. Prominent amongst his bad traits is his arrogance and his tendency to get on anyone's nerves, even his fellow Sentinels. He thinks of the weak as trash and the strong as stepping stones to glory. He also has a surplus of natural adrenaline (or overconfidence of his ability) because he wouldn't hesitate to snark at the other Sentinels (Auron is an entirely different story, however).

The earliest memory Cedric has of his life was his seven-year-old self wandering from city to city, digging through people's trashcans and scavenging for food. He doesn't remember his parents nor his birth, and most of his childhood was filled with hunger, loneliness and sorrow--all of these feelings contributed to the development of Cedric's bitterness. He led a nomadic life in hopes of somebody or something offering him a better life (which isn't asking for a lot, considering the state he was in) and dinner. Most importantly dinner. This was the tragic life he led until one fateful day when he was a thirteen-year-old Castform.

It was a day like any other, and Cedric woke up in a musty cave on a hill overlooking a city. Cedric floated down to the city to began the day's scavenging. The sun was particularly bright, and on a day like this any other Castform would have turned into their Sun Form. A circus ringmaster happened to pass by him, and, noticing Cedric's Rain Form and the day's weather, immediately realized that Cedric was no normal Castform. He tried to make Cedric work as a sideshow performer, through coaxing at first, but when Cedric refused profusely, he began taking more aggressive measures. The ringmaster, a Breloom, used Spore on him and dragged Cedric towards his caravan.

A group of Pokemon consisting of a Linoone, a Purrloin and a Ducklett noticed the scene and decided to help Cedric. The Linoone was a master thief who fed the little group by stealing from the city's richest people, and years of stealing experience made it very easy for him to sneak into the caravan and sneak out again, this time with Cedric in tow. Gratified by their actions, Cedric decided to join their gang. The Purrloin and the Ducklett were good natured and playful Pokemon who filled Cedric's everyday life, and it wasn't long before their carefree attitude began to rub off on Cedric. They taught him how to pull pranks on people, and Cedric found joy in the practice. Soon enough, he became renowned throughout the city as the local prankster.

One day, a rain like no other started in the city Cedric and his group were living in. It was heavy and it was never-ending, and it began to kill the city's crops. The entire city thought it was another one of Cedric's pranks, an accusation that Cedric denied profusely. The Linoone, Purrloin and Ducklett tried to defend him, but the citizens would have none of it. He was chased out of town, once again living the life of a nomad.

That is, until he met Cynthia.

Cynthia was a beautiful Delcatty who was part of the Gold Tribe. On one of her missions, she ran into a particularly strong bunch of Charmander. She was in a worrying state, so Cedric, who was passing by decided to help her out, and defeated the entire group with a single Hydro Pump. Seeing Cedric's strength, Cynthia invited him into the Gold Tribe, an invitation Cedric was happy to accept. Cedric and Cynthia formed a team and cleared all of their missions together, and eventually Cedric developed a crush on her. However, this crush didn't last long as Cynthia soon succumbed to a terminal disease. Her death was like a slap in the face for Cedric, and he began to take his anger and sadness out on the world.

When Cedric came back from the expedition, he was a changed Castform. His mind had become even sicker and more twisted than before, and his power had reached unbelievable heights. His knowledge of the Gold Tribe's members played an important role in the invasion of the Gold Tribe, and his battling skills an even greater asset.

Moveset: Rain Dance, Weather Ball, Hydro Pump, Ominous Wind, Thunder, Ice Beam

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