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    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    Reviving the thread back from dead once again.
    It's time for another update


    I've done a lot with this hack lately - I don't even know what pushes me to continue it this much but somehow I just find it more fun than doing anything else :D

    Anyway, I've finished Area 111 and done all the major scripting in the town after it, Argent Warehouse. If you wonder that name comes from, it's because of a large research center they've got there which was disbanded some time ago. Why? That's for you to find out in the next beta.

    And here I've got a couple of new screenshots:

    This is looking great! My GBC Emulator on my PSP is just waiting to be used, and I want this game to be the first game I play there.

    Nice updates you got there Miksy91, and good luck!

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