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    Ok, my first update!
    So, I start the game and do all the boring stuff.

    I pick Chikorita so my rival gets Cyndaquil.

    I agree to help Prof. Elm with his stuff and head west towards Cherrygrove.

    This man takes me on a very informative tour.

    This man has taught me so much.

    I knew this tour would be worth something

    So I head north with my Chikorita, collecting all the items and fleeing from all the battles, because Chikorita will be ditched once I catch a Poliwag. So I make it to Mr. Pokemon's house, and get more free stuff.

    Man, people in the Pokemon world are so generous.

    So with my shiny new Pokedex and egg in hand, I step outside to set out on an adventure.

    Of course lol.

    So I hurry back to help Prof. Elm, when all of a sudden a mildy rude red head shows up starts talking all tough.

    I used to think he was a girl when I was little.

    Your name is ??? What was your mom thinking >.>

    Why do you guys always have to pick the one that has the advantage?

    Who's tough now big guy?

    Naaa, this victory made me sad. What do you think?

    After that rather unpleasant encounter, I rush back to the Lab to see what the hubba was all about. I talk to a cop who says that Cyndaquil was stolen. The cop asks me for the dude's name, so I told him Gabe. Then, Prof. Elm tells me to take the Pokemon League Challenge, and I agree. So before I leave, I talk to Mom.

    I knew talking to her was a bad idea.

    The first Pokemon I can get is Poliwag, who later will evolve into Poliwrath. After some searching:

    Like a boss.

    His stats upon capturing. I nicknamed him Polly

    So I fight my way towards Violet City, and Polly gains a few levels. Naturally, I head towards Sprout Tower first.

    After fighting the first Sage, I realize it is not a good idea to fight a bunch of Bellsprouts with a Pokemon who can only use Bubble and Hypnosis, so I leave.

    I decided to take on the Gym first, so I could level up some more.

    I always thought his blue hair was cool.

    Ok, a Pidgey isn't so bad.

    Oh Falkner and his illegal Pidgeotto.

    I make quick work of him (and by quick work I mean lots of potions and barely beating him), and receive my first badge.

    Oh yeah.

    Once I exit the gym, Prof. Elm calls me and tells me to talk to his helper guy.

    Thanks! This is going straight to the PC for the rest of the game!

    And that's it for this update. Some final stuff:

    Polly's stats:

    Ok, see you next time!
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