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Lucy's attention was grabbed when the voice of a girl pierced the silence. She sounded shy, and yet she was being outgoing in a world of murder and degeneration. That... was kind of odd. Regardless, Lucy didn't think too hard into it, deciding instead to humor the random encounter. After all, what did she have to fear? The notion that she could be surrounded by other pokespirit wielders was lost on her.

Just incase though...

Lucy cleared her thoughts, using Amnesia to heavily boost her non-physical defenses. She didn't particularly want to be a victim, especially when being robbed was considered one of the least terrible things that could happen to you in terms of being attacked. There were at least twelve varieties of incredibly creepy varieties of murder above it.


She sounded a bit carefree, Turning to find the girl that'd spoken she found a smaller girl. She simply smiled at the girl. Her carefree nature was rather odd considering the world they lived in. It might hint at the hidden powers she had. Her appearance might have been subtle, but she was no actor.

Then another girl spoke up, and she got the feeling she was being addressed. Glancing to look at the girl it was the one who'd burst in earlier. Lucy briefly wondered why it was just now that she was being talked to, but the thought passed. She didn't really think it was a real danger to be worried about. The girl asked her about a bug--a giant bug. Huh? What was a giant bug. Seeing as pokemon were the only bugs, and they were long gone, Lucy was understandably confused by the question. It didn't occur to her that Kat may very well be talking about a bug-type pokespirit wielder.

"A giant bug--What..? I don't think so..."

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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