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Originally Posted by Epitaph93 View Post

Update: The planned moves list is as follows with more to come in the next couple of weeks. Some of these are a little redundant(claw attack, talon attack) so keep in mind that the names aren't final, just in the general vicinity of what they will be called. Some have already been changed, like cobwebs and peck, but most haven't.

Spiral Twister
Stun Bubble
Horn buster
Boom Bubble
Heat top
Harpoon torpedo
Evil Whisper
Demi Dart
Flame bomber
Horn Tusk
Vulcans Hammer
Fossil bite
Ancient bite
Horn Blaster
Claw attack
Pepper Breath
Meteor wing
Nova Blast
Dark Shot
Thunder blaster
Rock Ball
Rock Punch
Poison Wing
Scissor Claw
Ninja Blade
Shogun Sword
Howling Blaster
Slam Attack
Blue blaster
Horn Attack
Garuru Kick
Wolf Claw
Talon Attack
Super Shocker
Evil wind
Darkness Water
Pulse blast
Angel rod
Fist of Fate
Poison Ivy
Needle Spray
Mega Dash
Twin Fang
Tusk Crusher
Metal Fireball
Flame Chain
Power drive
Metallic Fur
Bone Stick
Crazy Crusher
Rock Fist
Marching Fishes
Poison Thread
Solar Ray
been out for a while and wow as i come back cool....... you've been working on moves.. nice the moves are cool and there names are awesome .... with just the name i think my favorite would be FIST OF FATE hehehehehe.. good luck Ephitaph93 and keep it up and nice job ..

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