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Scarlet Johnson

"Kilik." The boy replied. o his name was Kilik, ok. Scarlet wanted to just leave like she did with that other guy Randall but that would be super rude since Kilik seemed nice. "Ask him something un mutant like" Syrena said. "Like what?" Scarlet asked. "Ask him..... what he does everyday." Scarlet slightly nodded, hoping Kilik didn't notice. "So, what are you doing these days?" Well that question came up from the wrong person. Syrena didn't say anything, she was probably just watching to see what Scarlet would reply to. "Well uh-- Usually I-" Scarlet wasn't going to say fight guards and adventure with Syrena. "Nap allot." She managed to reply, and it sounded pretty convincing. "And eat, I like eating. Oh and trading, it's really fun.How about you Kilik?"

She asked in a jolly tone. " Hopefully he won't suspect you were lying." Syrena told her. "Don't worry! I have this under control." She replied to her poke' spirit. "Kay, im gonna go nap in Eterna Forest." What?! Syrena couldn't just abandon Scarlet here. "Syrena don't nap without me!" Scarlet wailed. Syrena giggled, "Then just come." Scarlet tried not to change her expression. She ignored her mean pokemon spirit and just waited for Kilik, was it? to reply.

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